For the second year in a row, Upland Brewing Co. is releasing a new beer featuring edible flowers as part of its June Sour Lottery.

Dubbed Orchid, the new sour ale is aged with “edible orchids from the Dendrobrium genus.” This is the second year that Upland has brewed a beer with edible flowers, after Viola, a sour ale brewed with fresh viola flowers was released in June 2014.

In addition, the Bloomington, Ind.-based brewery is including three other beers for lottery winners: Kiwi Lambic (6 percent ABV), Cherry Lambic (6 percent ABV) and Sour Reserve #6, which is made up of a blend of beers aged in barrels of different ages.

Entries for the June lottery will be accepted online, starting at noon EST on June 25 and ending at noon EDT on July 2 with winners notified on July 6 via email.

Each of the four beers are priced at $25 plus Indiana state sales tax which raises the price of each 750ml bottle to $26.75.