If you live in the eastern or central part of Virginia and you have never heard or tried anything from The Veil Brewing, get out from under your rock.

Barely over a year old, The Veil has become so prolific in its offerings, that every Tuesday, the brewery releases two or three, sometimes even four or five different beers to followers that leave work early, take an extra day off and count down the hours until the next release.

Founded by Dustin Durrance, Dave Michelow and Matt Tarpey, the brewery’s main focus has been on hop-forward beers, but is quickly advancing, experimenting and releasing brews in the categories of high-gravity, barrel-aged, imperial stouts, low ABV pilsners and now even goses.

Todays beer is one of the the more popular brews in its line-up. IdontwanttoBU is a 6.9 percent ABV coming in at zero IBUs; yes, zero IBUs.

Zero IBU beers are sort of gimmicky and below is a brief description of what and why it is considered no IBUs:

IBU measures the concentration of isohumulones (a bittering compound) in beer. Isohumulones are created when the alpha acids in hops break down during the boil. By adding hops post-boil, the brewer is stating that the hops (since not being boiled initially) do not count toward the ibu measurement. Seems to be stretching it a bit in my opinion.

IdontwanttoBU pours a hazy light yellow with a tint of orange, almost looking like pineapple juice. A nice finger of foamy head forms and lacing is big and spotty. Aroma is dank and slightly skunky and fills the nose with tart pineapple. Carbonation is light to medium according to the bubbles running to the top.

Taste is bold, with full flavors of Citra and Mosaic hops, pineapple, mango, orange pith and other assorted tropical hints. The hop profile is pleasant but not overpowering or bitter. Mouth feel is smooth, tropical and balances well with sweet fruit and hops and the finish is fruity with a light, short-lived bitterness at the end.

The Veil Brewing IdontwanttoBU
BREWERY: The Veil Brewing Co.
LOCATION: Richmond, Va.
ABV: 6.9 percent
IBU: 0
PRICE: $3.75 (Four-packs of 16-ounce cans, $15)
AVAILABLE IN: 16-ounce cans
Amazing, tropical, fruity IPA with bucket loads of pineapple aromas and flavors. Reminds me off the style of a New England IPA. Balance is nicely done but I am still having a hard time with the zero IBU claim as I get a nice feel and taste of bitterness in the mouth and on the finish. Nonetheless, this beer is spectacular and refreshing and I would not hesitate to buy anything that The Veil releases in the future.
89Overall Score
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