Less than a week after releasing one beer brewed in collaboration with a band, Tired Hands Brewing Co. is at it again.

The Ardmore, Pa.-based brewery’s newest bottle release is Scentless and Senseless, a 6.6 percent ABV “oat based” saison dry-hopped with both equinox and mosaic hops before being aged in oak barrels. The beer is a collaboration with the band Mike Lorenz and Friendz, which will be releasing its first record at the same time.

“Our beer made this music and Mike’s music made this beer,” reads the beer label posted to Tired Hands’ Instagram page. “This bottle is the culmination of over three years of artistic collaboration. Dreamt up and brewed in tandem with Make Lorenz at Fermentaria.”

In addition, there will be a draft-only release of another beer: Senseless and Scentless, an “oat based” IPA that has been dry hopped “intensely” with both mosaic and equinox hops.

According to Tired Hands, Scentless and Senseless will be packaged in 500ml bottles ($15) and will have a two bottle per person limit. Only 500 bottles will be sold to the public, and bottles will go on sale on Sept. 3 at the Fermentaria.