Southern Tier Brewing Co. will be releasing a new pilsner just in time for summer.

According to Southern Tier brand manager Nathan Arnone, the new beer will be named simply Pilsner, a 5 percent ABV pilsner brewed with hops and malts that have been imported from Germany, along with a “killer lager yeast.”

“We have an unbelievably good Pilsner we’ve been testing and modifying for around a year now, based on everything we learned brewing the others you’ve listed,” Arnone wrote to Tenemu in an email. “It’s had some different test names, but from now on we’re calling it simply “Pilsner. It’s fucking awesome, if I can say that.”

Arnone told Tenemu that Pilsner will be packaged exclusively in six-packs of 12-ounce cans and on draft, and is scheduled to ship to retailers in the Lakewood, N.Y.-based brewery’s distribution footprint starting in “early June.”