Throw Throw Burrito Rules And Gameplay [Updated 2023]

Are you interested in the Throw Throw Burrito rules? Many players also want to know how to play Throw Throw Burrito. Well, Throw Throw Throw Burrito is a game that is made of both cards and dodgeball that you can whip out at someone’s next party. This funny game is definitely a perfect addition to anyone’s collection. 

To play this game, there will be six players. They will rush to play card sets from their hand to obtain points. However, some cards will start battles. Also, people will want to hit each other with a foam burrito. 

So, are you excited to play the game Throw Throw Burrito with your friends? Today, I will give you a detailed guide on how to play Throw Throw Burrito. So, keep reading. 

  • The object of the game is to win two rounds by getting the most points.
  • Number of Players: 2 to 6
  • Materials: 6 burrito Bruises, 1 Fear Me Badge, 2 Burritos, and 120 Cards
  • Game Type: Dodgeball Card Game
  • Audience: More than 7

Overview Of The Game: Throw Throw Burrito

The game, Throw Throw Burrito, is entirely different from the tacos vs. burritos game. This game is perfect for family members or friends. You can have a great laugh while playing the game Throw Throw Burrito. 

The main motto of Throw Throw Burrito is to get as many matching cards as possible before the round ends. Then a battle will ensue. During every battle, a player should get a Burrito Bruise. 

Now, you may be bruised by a burrito. Or you may be the one doing the bruising. You just have to be faster in this game. 


You want to set up the game, and you have to start by shuffling the cards. Then, you will give 15 cards to every player facing down. Many of you have often asked how to draw a burrito in the Throw Throw Burrito game. This is your personal draw pile, and you will place it on your right side. 

  • Separate the rest of the cards now into 2 piles.
  • Keep them in the center, facing down. They will be known as community Piles.

Place the Bruises and Burritos in the center. Each player then must take the top 5 cards from their personal draw pile. Now, they should be flipped over. Also, do not forget to hide them from other players. Thus, the game will begin!! 


The objective of the Throw Throw Burrito game is to obtain as many groups of three matching cards as possible. There will be no turns in the game. You can only have five cards at a time throughout the entire game. Also, players will need to make sure that they are discarding so they do not exceed the limit.

Players will need to take a card from the pile and discard any card they select by keeping it on the player to their left’s personal pile facing down. Thus, the cards will be rotated throughout the group around the table. 

If you do not have cards in your personal pile, you can take them from the community pile until they are available in your personal pile again. 

Players will need to try to get a set of 3 matching cards as soon as possible. Once they obtain them, they should keep them facing up in a single pile. It is called their Score Pile. When players place three cards on their Score Pile, they will take three more and continue the game. Every card set is worth 1 point. 

In the event that players collect a set of 3 Burrito Cards like Duel, Brawl, or War, they will be given 2 points. Players should then keep the cards on the Score Pile and call the battle name. The gameplay must now be stopped if someone announces a battle. 


When players play the same 3 Brawl cards, the player on their left and right will become a Brawl. After that, the 2 must grab a Burrito as soon as possible and throw it at each other. The player who first gets hit by a Burrito will lose the game.


In the event that someone plays 3 war cards, all players will be involved in a war with each other. Here, the motto is to get a Burrito as soon as possible and throw it at any player. He who first gets hit by a Burrito will lose the game.


In the event that someone plays the same three Duel cards, two players f his choice will be participating in a duel. Every player will take a Burrito and say  ‘3, 2, 1, Burrito’! They will throw the Burrito at each other. The player who first gets hit by a Burrito will lose the game.

End Of Game

After 2 rounds, the game Throw Throw Burrito will end. The first round will end with the last Burrito Bruise dispensed. The player who gets the highest number will win the round. Then, he will receive a Fear Me Badge. 

After that, the table will be reset, and the second round will begin. If the player with the Fear Me Badge wins the second round, he will be the ultimate winner. If any other player wins, they must engage in a duel. The winner of the Duel will be declared the winner of the game. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1. Is Throw Throw Burrito fun for adults?

Ans. Yes! The game, Throw Throw Burrito is definitely fun for adults. Up to 6 people can participate in this game. 

Q2. Is Throw Throw Burrito a good family game?

Ans. You can play Throw Throw Burrito with your family members and friends. It s a good game to play at a party. 

The Bottom Line

So, this is all about the game Trrow Throw Burrito and its rule. Play this game with your family and friends and have a great night. All the best!

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