Just shy of seven years after it debuted, it is time to close down Rueda Media, LLC’s “beer site,” otherwise known as Tenemu.

Our craft beer news and review site has grown quite a bit from its earliest days, ending up with a (part-time) staff of six different people writing news stories, reviewing beers and editing said news stories and beer reviews. Along the way the site had some minor success: it broke some stories, it covered some events, we drank some beer and we made some new friends.

Unfortunately, a number of factors played a part in the site’s ultimate demise, most notably, our cigar blog, halfwheel, continued to grow making it more and more challenging to dedicate manpower to make Tenemu into the beer blog we hoped it could be.

We want to thank everyone who has helped us along the way, as each had a role to play in making Tenemu into the website that it became: from the news writers and beer reviewers to the advertisers all the way up to you, the faithful reader.

It has been said that the only constant changes, and although Tenemu’s time has ended, there are always more opportunities to be found around the bend.