Wild Ale

Jester King Aurelian Lure

For the last 100 years or so the basics steps for brewing beer have been pretty much the same: soak grains in water to create wort, boil then cool the wort, add some yeast and wait for beer to be created. Obviously there are more details to be followed along the way but if you follow these basics steps you will make beer. Craft brewers across the country are always looking to tweak this process here and there to come up with interesting results. Jester King in Austin, Texas has been tweaking that process and coming up with amazing results.

Allagash FV13

Two years ago I got a text message from my local bottle shop stating that I need to get over there quickly because they had a rare treat that just came in and would not last long. Trusting the text message I ducked out of work early and walked into the bottle shop just in time to get the last bottle of Alagash FV13. I had plans of running home and cracking it open but somehow it ended up getting lost in the back of the beer fridge not to be seen until this morning.