The Bruery Black Tuesday

The Bruery Black Tuesdsay (2014)

In 2009, The Bruery started a yearly tradition that continues to this day: the release of Black Tuesday on the final Tuesday of October. The imperial stout usually comes in between 18 percent and 19 percent ABV— the 2014 version is 19.7 percent ABV—and is packaged in 750ml bottles after being aged in bourbon barrels for over a year. In fact, Black Tuesday proved to be so popular that The Bruery has released quite a few variations, including Grey Monday, Mocha Wednesday, Chocolate Rain and Rum Barrel Black Tuesday, which as the name implies, is aged in rum barrels instead of bourbon barrels.

The Bruery Blue BBLS

Orange County is not a bad place to be if you are a fan of craft beer; easy access to the great brews coming out of San Diego, close to an emerging beer scene in Los Angeles and a number of great breweries here in our own backyard. Bootleggers, Noble, Bottle Logic, Valiant and Cismontane are some of the more known names in the area but The Bruery takes the cake for most Orange County beer nerds. The Bruery has been churning out their high ABV offerings since 2009 and have grown into a nationwide name in the craft beer market.