Stone Stochasticity Project

Stone Your Father Smelt Of Elderberries

And so describes the next chapter in Stone Brewing Co.'s eclectic series called The Stochasticity Project: Your Father Smelt Of Elderberries. Described by Stone as a medieval-style ale brewed with elderberries. With previous release names like Hibiscusicity, Hifi+Lofi Mixtape, Vanna Necroplis, Grapefruit Slam IPA and Quadrotriticale, this one is sure to follow the interesting and wild mixed up beers that have been produced in this series.

Stone Hibiscusicity

In early 2014, Escondido, Calif.-based Stone Brewing Co. decided to start up a new series of beers that basically gave the brewers almost total creative freedom to produce any beer they wanted, using any ingredients they wanted. Named the Stochasticity Project, the series started off with a "bourbon barrel-aged gold Belgian ale" and has included such styles as a "golden stout" and a Belgian quad brewed with triticale grain.