Shmaltz Brewing Co.

Shmaltz Bock Bock

Had this been a review written around the time of its initial release in May, the telling of the story of Bock Bock from Shmaltz Brewing Co. might have had a far different ending. It was then that I had my first sample of the brewery's barrel-aged American bock, and let's just say that if I were a chicken, I'd have been crossing the road in search of another beer.

Shmaltz / Terrapin Reunion Ale ’14

Continuing a tradition started in 2007, Reunion Ale '14 is the eighth annual release in a series of beers whose proceeds are donated directly to the Institute for Myeloma and Bone Cancer Research. Conceived by Alan Shapiro, founder of SBS Imports, and the creator of Pete's Wicked Ale, Pete Slosberg, it's brewed in memory of their friend and co-worker Virginia MacLean, who lost her battle with multiple myeloma in 2007.