Kristin McDonald

Reaver Beach Hoptopus DIPA

Reaver Beach Brewing is a relatively new brewery to the craft beer scene. It was founded in 2010 in Virginia Beach, Va. by newlyweds Justin and Kristin McDonald.Beer production started on a very small scale, brewing only 12 gallons at a time. A used five barrel brewhouse was purchased from a small brewery in New Hampshire sat unused, while waiting for a natural gas line to be dug to the building. Once fuel was introduced to the 155 gallon system, production increased and ran at a steady pace from 2010-2013. Struggling to keep up with demand for its beer, at the end of 2013, construction began on a new facility, and in January of 2014, the first batches of beer were brewed on a new 15 barrel brewhouse into shiny, new 30 barrel fermenters. In February 2014, the doors officially opened at their new facility and taproom.