Fruit Beer

New Belgium Pear and Ginger Beer

It is pretty safe to say that my household consumes more than our fair share of alcohol. This generally makes it a fun place to hang out but it is a house divided. Obviously, I am a huge beer nerd and a lover of all things whiskey but the woman of the house cringes at the mere thought of the beverages I love so much. She is a big supporter of the champagne and spirit industries and our two worlds rarely mix.

Founders Rübæus

Originally introduced in 2005, Founders Brewing Co. Rübæus Raspberry Ale is made by adding fresh raspberries at five separate stages in the brewing process. While the resulting brew is tart and sweet with fruit flavors, it is also quite expensive to produce, and the blend was discontinued in 2008 in favor of Cerise, which uses more economical — and easier to acquire — cherries.

New Glarus Wisconsin Belgian Red

First released in 2001, the New Glarus Wisconsin Belgian Red is one of New Glarus' most popular beers, and is brewed with one pound of whole Montmorency cherries, wheat, Hallertau hops and Belgian barley before being lagered in oak tanks for close to a year. According to the brewery, the 4 percent ABV fruit beer uses an equivalent of over 1 pound of cherries is used in every 750ml bottle, and is available year-round in around the state of Wisconsin.

Dogfish Head Black & Blue

Dogfish Head is a brewery that needs no introduction, but per the requirements of Tenemu you get one anyway. Started in 1995 by Sam Calagione in Rehoboth Beach, Del., Dogfish Head has been a pioneer in the craft beer movement. While the company is probably most known for its IPAs such as 60 Minute, 90 Minute and the 120 Minute, Dogfish Head is also known for its willingness to explore different and unique flavor combinations in their beers. Dogfish Head brews over 145,000 barrels of beer every year along with over 200 different varieties, including bottled beers, draft-only seasonals, brewpub exclusive beers and collaborations.