Game Of Drinking Cards: Screw Your Neighbor- 2023

Screw Your Neighbor is a card game you can enjoy as a fun drinking game with the thrill of planning strategies. It’s the ultimate entertainment for a house party, family gathering, or while hanging out with friends. 

The rules of screw your neighbor are very simple. You need 3 or more players for this game and a deck of 52 playing cards. Aces are considered the lowest and Kings the highest. The person with the lowest card at the end of each round loses.

We are here to tell you everything about the screw your neighbor card game. This blog covers the setup of the game, the rules, and the different variations of this game.

Overview Of The Card Game ‘Screw Your Neighbor’

Your goal in Screw Your Neighbor is to not have the lowest card at the end of each round. For this, you should continuously trade your lower cards with the player next to you and try to get better cards.

Don’t get confused if you hear some other names for this game. Screw Your Neighbor is also known as Ranter Go Round and Cuckoo. You will generally need one deck of playing cards, but if there are a lot of players, you need to get multiple decks.

Setup Of ‘Screw Your Neighbor’ Card Game

To start the game, the players have to form a circle and sit in a place. Everyone needs to draw a card face-down from the shuffled deck. The player who gets the highest card becomes the dealer. In case of a tie, there will be a redraw. The dealer shuffles the deck again and distributes one card face down to each player.

Screw Your Card Game Card Ranking

Screw Your Neighbor Card Game follows the standard ranking for playing cards. But there’s one exception.  The King is the highest, and the Ace is the lowest. The cards ranking are as follows:  King (highest), Queen, Jack, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, Ace (lowest)

A guide to playing Screw Your Neighbor

screw your neighbor card game

To start playing the card game Screw Your Neighbor the players have to look at the cards they are dealing with. If you have got a King, Congratulations!! Flip the card immediately. This will lock your card. You won’t have to trade your King with anyone. The other cards will remain face-down to continue the game.

Trading The Cards In Screw Your Neighbor Card Game

The player who is sitting on the left of the dealer starts the round. They make the decision to exchange the card or keep it depending on its rank. In this way, players start trading the cards to the people sitting on their left and this continues until the dealer’s turn comes.

If the person sitting on your left has a King, you won’t be able to switch cards with them. In this case, your turn will be skipped, and the player left to the king-holding guy will continue.

Finally, when the dealer’s turn comes. The dealer can trade their card with the remaining cards in the deck. If they want to exchange their card, they will simply take the topmost card from the deck and keep the holding card in its place face-down. But there’s an exception here. If the topmost card on the deck is a king, the dealer will have to keep the card he has, no matter what.


After the dealer completes their turn, it’s time to reveal all the cards. The lowest-ranking cardholder loses. Scores are recorded after each round, and the dealer moves to the left at the beginning of a new round.


If there is a tie between multiple players, the player closest to the left of the dealer is the loser.

End Of The Game

Players decide when the game will be over. The scores are compared, and the person who loses the least number of times wins.

Ways To Play Screw Your Neighbor Card Game

This game offers a lot of variations, with some having official rules, but a lot of them are rules that the players innovate. Here are some fun variations that you can try:

Drinking Game

The rules of the Screw Your Neighbor Card Game remain the same while adding the twist of drinking. The only difference is that whoever loses after each round will have to take a shot.


To transform the card game Screw Your Neighbor into a betting game, the players need to come up with a number of bets that are the same for all the participants. After each round, the loser will have to put in one of their bets.

For example, let’s say you make a bet of 10 one-dollar bills. At the end of each round, the loser will put in a dollar. When the game ends, the winner takes all the money home.

FrequentlyAsked Questions

Q1. How do you play the card game Help Your Neighbour?
Ans. Help Your Neighbor is another fun family card game where the first person to turn all their cards down wins. It’s a perfect combination of a card and a dice game for children. You just need to flip your card down with the same number as the dice number you rolled.

Q2.How do you play ‘screw the dealer’?
Ans. In Screw the Dealer the player who chooses to be the dealer will deal one card with a player and ask them questions regarding that card. If the player gives the correct answer, the dealer drinks. If not, the other player needs to drink.

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