More than 20 months after it was last sold, Russian River Brewing Co. has released Beatification, but fans will have to work a little harder to get it in bottles.

According to a post on the Santa Rosa, Calif.-based brewery’s website, the newest batch of the wild ale is available today exclusively on draft.

As with previous releases, there will be 375ml bottles available, but unlike in years past when they were released at specific times, the bottles will be released  “spontaneously” throughout the next several weeks at the brewery in 100 case allotments. Those bottles will retail for $20 each and there will be a six-bottle per person limit, with a total production of approximately 700 cases.

Beatification is Russian River’s Sonambic, a wild ale that is spontaneously fermented and typically finishes around 6 percent ABV. After brewing, the beer is transferred to a coolship, where it remains overnight to collect wild yeast and bacteria from the air. It is then transferred again, this time into oak wine barrels to ferment and age before being bottled.

This will be the eighth release of Beatification, which debuted in 2006 and was last available exclusively at the brewery starting on Sept. 20, 2015.