Founded in 2011, Walt and Luke Dickinson have taken Wicked Weed Brewing to the forefront of wild ales, fruity and hoppy beers. Using tropical fruits, brettanomyces and funky ingredients, the Asheville, N.C. has produced some awesome, light and tasty beers.

Today’s beer should be no exception as I delve into Wicked Weed Tropic Most, a passionfruit and sea salt gose.


A semi-cloudy, brilliant gold color shows itself as the beer is poured into a glass. A finger of sparkling head, spotty lacing and a ton of carbonation are present and I am already excited to indulge in this beer on a hot summer day. Aromas are light but abound in passionfruit, fresh lemon and nose tingling citrus.

The first taste brings flavors of tropical notes, saltiness and a background of wheat and grain. It is crisp, tangy and tingly on the tongue, leaving a light impression of just haven eaten a small handful of fruity pop rocks candy. The flavors—even though light on the palate—are very detectable.


Carbonation is ample and the balance is nicely done between the tropical notes, saltiness and funkiness. Tropic Most remains stable and steady throughout the drinking process, even as it warms slightly, hiding the 4.1 percent ABV and finishing extremely light with an almost non existent flavor profile at the end.

Wicked Weed Tropic Most
BREWERY: Wicked Weed Brewing
LOCATION: Asheville, N.C.
ABV: 4.1 Percent
IBU: 45
PRICE: n/a
AVAILABLE IN: 500ml bottles
A tropical journey that is well balanced, fruity and extremely refreshing. The saltiness brings a balance and a yearning to drink more. Overall, Tropic Most is a good beer true to the style, but almost producing a too light flavor profile that gets lost towards at the end.
76Overall Score
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