Only opening four years ago, Wicked Weed has already made a name for itself in the brewing world, focusing on wild ales and hoppy west coast ales. Two brothers, Walt and Luke Dickinson, dreamed it up while they were drinking beer, of course. They brought in a good friend, Ryan Guthy and his parents, to join in on the vision and in a North Carolina mountain house Wicked Weed was officially born.

Wicked Weed Serenity bottle

After a few months a space was found and the brewery was built out. Wicked Weed described its goal, “From the humble beginning of a basement, the dream of Wicked Weed Brewing has come to life. Our beer is bold, full of excitement and flavor. Always focused on drinkability and pushing the boundaries of what we think we are capable of.”

Serenity was introduced in 2013, the first beer Wicked Weed brewed only with brettanomyces and the first beer they bottled, with that happening in March of last year.

It pours a very bright and hazy golden yellow. An thin line of white head rests at the top of the glass with a lot of tiny bubbles, the beer appears more carbonated than the amount of head would one think.

The smell is very funky, it is obvious this is a 100 percent brettanomyces beer. There are notes of wet grass, lemon zest, earthiness and oak; overall it is a very pleasing aroma.

Wicked Weed Serenity

Based on the smell this beer had a lot of promise, but the flavor really falls flat. There was the obvious funk that translated over from the nose of the beer and a very mild lemon flavor, but other than that, there just wasn’t much going on. I suppose if one were a purest in terms of brettanomyces beers they would enjoy this since it has a lot of the funk and taste of mild maltiness. It is very dry and has an earthiness to it with some stale bread aftertaste.

Wicked Weed Serenity
BREWERY: Wicked Weed Brewing
LOCATION: Asheville, N.C.
STYLE: American wild ale
ABV: 5.4 percent
IBU: 18
PRICE: $10.95
AVAILABLE IN: 500ml bottle
This one just frankly didn’t do it for me, I have had some other Wicked Weed offerings and was impressed, but this beer just didn’t have a lot going for it outside of the smell and color. While those qualities are nice, when it came to taste it fell very flat. There just isn’t very much complexity to this brew and the whole beer is basically one dimensional on the palate. Definitely check out Wicked Weed, but in my opinion this isn’t something I would seek out.
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