In November, Jester King Brewery released a beer that was more than three years in the making.

Named Jester King 2016 SPON — Méthode Gueuze, the release has the distinction of being both Jester King’s and Texas’ first 100 percent spontaneously fermented beer made using the same traditional method that produces authentic Belgian gueuze. As with Belgian lambic, the final product is a blend of one-, two- and three-year-old 100 percent spontaneously fermented beer, at a ratio of 10 percent 2013, 40 percent 2014 and 60 percent 2015.

Four different blends of 2016 SPON — Méthode Gueuze were produced and sold, with each beer blended at different times and differentiated by a unique number on the front of the bottles. Approximately 7,000 750ml bottles ($36) and 4,500 375ml bottles ($20) were produced, although some of each size were held back in order to keep a stock at the brewery for patrons to enjoy onsite throughout this year.

In addition, in December Jester King released three different variants packaged exclusively in 375ml bottles that incorporate a blend of two-year old 100 percent spontaneously fermented beer: 2016 SPON — Raspberry & Cherry ($25), 2016 SPON — Peach & Apricot ($25) and 2016 SPON — Flor ($20.) Each variant had about 3,000 bottles available and they were sold with a a two bottle per person per day limit.