Established in 2011, Tree House Brewing Co., based out of Charlton, Mass., has become synonymous with juicy, New England IPAs. The brewery has produced such IPA favorites as Alter Ego, Bright, Green and Haze. Probably the most well known is Julius.  

Julius was born in 2012, with a homebrew creation from co-founder Nathan Lanier and quickly became a big hit. The inspiration for the brew was a product that was available at a local supermarket at the time: Trader Joes Unsulfered Just Mango Slices. There have been a few variations of Julius but none as popular as the original. A few notable ones have been JJJuliusss, a DIPA coming in at 8.4 percent ABV and King Julius, a creamier and smoother version of the original.

Poured from a beautifully orange-colored 16-ounce can, the color is a murky orange, with a light, foamy, slightly off-white head that settles quite rapidly. Lacing is spotty and sporadic and I am already being met with aromas of orange juice and mango with a bit of dank and skunkiness, a good skunkiness. The hop blend works flawlessly and to this day has remained a secret to all but a few select special people.

Taste is full of orange, with mango and slightly under-ripe white peaches being the main players. I also get a very light Hawaiian Punch taste and a minor amount of grains and malts at the very end. Carbonation is fine for the style and very light, allowing all of the juicy flavors to come through without any obstacles. The mouthfeel is oily, lightly fizzy and very smooth without the big hop bite of a lot of IPAs. Finish is a bit dry yet very clean and crisp with a pleasant citrus feel lingering for several minutes after the last swallow. The alcohol feel was never a player and the balance is excellent as the grains take a back seat and allow the citrusy feel to shine.

Tree House Julius
BREWERY: Tree House Brewing Co.
LOCATION: Charlton, Mass.
STYLE: American IPA
ABV: 6.8 percent
IBU: 72
PRICE: n/a
AVAILABLE IN: 16-ounce cans
I am always hesitant to drink and review beers that have so much hype, but this one delivered. Juicy, New England style IPA that balanced quite well and provided that dank juiciness and citrus that one would expect from the style. Given the loads of mango and pineapple, it tastes like Tree House squeezed the fresh citrus right from the newly picked fruit.
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