In late 2014, Tired Hand Brewing Co. announced the first of what would become not only one of the brewery’s most popular series but also one of its more unique offerings.

Dubbed Parageusia—which is the medical term for an abnormal and unpleasant taste in your mouth, usually metallic in nature—the series is made up of a random assortment of different styles of beer that have been aged in a multitude of different types of barrels, making each addition unique.

One of the most interesting additions to the Parageusia series was Parageusia47, a dry-hopped saison/IPA hybrid thought up by brewer Christan Zellersfield.

The brewery gave some background on its Instagram page before the bottle release in 2016:

After traveling an additional twenty-two years into the future (five hundred and twenty-two years ahead of our time), Christian discovered that the IPA had become, much like in our time, the dominant style brewed on his planet. In an attempt to get ahead of this trend, Christian raced back through time and contacted Jean with his masterfully composed new Parageusia47 recipe.

According to Tired Hands, the ale was brewed exclusively with Mosaic hops, wheat and oats before being fermented in freshly emptied casks that previously held Vin Santo wine “with his proprietary Parageusia microflora for many months.” Parageusia47 was then dry-hopped with more Mosaic hops before being packaged in 500ml bottles.

Parageusia47 was released on Feb. 14, 2016 packaged in 500ml bottles ($16) and had a purchase limit of four bottles per person.

From the bottle, Parageusia47 pours a gold color that is so murky it is impossible to see through. Even though I use a fairly standard pour, I still end up with about three fingers of head, although thin enough that it begins to dissipate almost immediately leaving behind a surprisingly thick ring. The aroma from the glass is a combination of strong oak, lemongrass, white pepper, perfume and a touch of plastic.

The first sip takes me by surprise, specifically in how aggressive the flavors are on both the palate and the finish considering the beer’s age. In fact, an overt and tannic lemon peel note has no issues dominating the former, while a strong hoppy bitterness early takes over the latter. Secondary notes of oak, grapefruit, pepper, wheat and white pepper flow in and out as well, albeit never strong enough to threaten the dominant flavors at any point.

While the amount of citrus on the palate could be considered overwhelming at certain points, there is also the perfect amount of both funk and brett to balance out the lemon peel note, especially as the ale warms. There is also plenty of carbonation present—again, more than I expected—which retained that vast majority of its vigor until I took the last sip.

Tired Hands Parageusia47
BREWERY: Tired Hands Brewing Co.
LOCATION: Ardmore, Pa.
ABV: Not Disclosed
IBU: Not Disclosed
PRICE: $16
RELEASE DATE: Feb. 14, 2016
AVAILABLE IN: 500ml Bottles
If I was limited to one phrase to describe this beer, it would be juicy tartness. The lemon peel note that easily dominates the palate is both distinct and extremely enjoyable, while the secondary flavors of oak, grapefruit and wheat do a great job of adding more complexity to the overall profile. In addition, the finish is full of hoppy bitterness that is still quite distinct from the first sip to the last, even after all this time in the bottle. In the end, the Tired Hands Parageusia47 is an interesting attempt at something different, and is still easily enjoyable enough to track down if the sour IPA style is too your liking.
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