The Collective Brewing Project has a long and storied history dating back to November 2014. The brewery was opened just a few short months ago by long time friends Ryan Deyo and Mike Goldfuss. The pair started home brewing back in 2008 which quickly led to the dream of opening up a brewery like it does for most home brewers. Unlike most home brewers they actually did it. After a few years of planning and hard work the doors were opened to their Fort Worth watering hole.

From the get-go Collective Brewing began filling a void in the Dallas-Fort Worth market place; what void you ask? Sours; insert Zoolander voice, “they’re so hot right now.” The Collective Brewing Project stepped in and is working on saving many great North Texans a trip to that popular farmhouse/sour brewery between Austin and Dripping Springs.

The Collective Brewing Project Apricot Petite Golden Sour crowler

Petite Golden Sour is The Collective Brewing Project’s flagship beer and it has begun the process of adding fruit to the base beer and barrel aging. This particular version is aged on apricots, but was not aged in a barrel.

The beer poured with a slightly murky golden-orange hue and has big puffy white head that completely disappears. After the beer settles it looks just like juice and the beer clears up a lot and it’s left looking almost like apple juice.

The smell is very strong fresh apricot, there is a strong sour presence but that aspect is completely overwhelmed by the aroma of ripe, fresh fruit. I have had a lot of fruited sours and the aroma on this is unlike almost any fruited beer I’ve ever encountered, it’s like picking an apricot off a tree, cutting it open and taking a whiff.

It tastes very tart and there is a lot of acidity, but the apricot is very present, it’s not as dominating in the taste as it was in the nose, but it’s still strong. I really like how tart it is and my only real beef with the beer is that it is a little one dimensional, I think an oak or wine barrel would most likely take this beer to a whole different level. While the flavor is really great, my taste buds sort of “got used to it” after awhile and it leaves you wanting a little bit more.

The Collective Brewing Project Apricot Petite Golden Sour

Apricot Petite Golden Sour is great overall and is something I really enjoyed. It was refreshing and interesting, and as I previously mentioned, the fruit was just so beautifully done it was really something special. I am very much looking forward to its future fruited sours that will be aged in barrels. I’m excited to see the depth the beers take on with the addition of oak and or wine and/or spirits. No matter the outcome though, The Collective Brewing Project is doing great things, especially for being such a young brewery. This is a great beer you should try and get your hands on and be on the lookout for them in the future, I have a feeling The Collective Brewing Project’s ceiling is going to be very high as it continues to perfect the craft of brewing and start experimenting with a barrel program.

The Collective Brewing Project Apricot Petite Golden Sour
BREWERY: The Collective Brewing Project
LOCATION: Fort Worth, Texas
STYLE: Fruited Sour
ABV: 4.5 percent
IBU: 1
PRICE: $20 (32-ounce crowler)
RELEASE DATE: December 2015
32-ounce crowler
87Overall Score
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