The Bruery, of Placentia, Calif., is one of the leading breweries when it comes to crazy, experimental barrel-aged beers.

It’s very well known for its days of the week beers, Grey Monday, Black Tuesday and Mocha Wednesday. A quick look around its website though and you get a good feel for the crazy amount of barrel-aged beers it pulls off. Nearly half of all the beers The Bruery produces spend time in either a wine barrel, a spirit barrel or a fresh oak barrel. I’ll let them explain it in their own words”

The Bruery is founded on the excitement that Patrick felt in those first years of homebrewing and we continue to strive for that same passion in every aspect of our business today. We never stop challenging ourselves to develop distinctive & imaginative beers, constantly pursuing improvement in all that we do.

The Bruery Beauregarde bottle

Beauregarde fits perfectly with the modus operandi of The Bruery, a sour blonde ale aged in oak barrels and then allowed to mingle with fresh blueberries. This was the first blueberry beer The Bruery had attempted to pull off, and judging by its response, and the response of the people drinking it, the brewery must be happy with how it turned out.

The beer pours a really special color of a deep reddish purple and has a small lingering bit of white head that heads the edge of the glass. The smell follows what you would expect form the beer, I get hints of lactobacillus (lacto), some damp wood and grass, a little bit of funk, but that is overpowered with the lacto scent, blueberries and some citrus, like tart lemon peel.

The Bruery Beauregarde

Beauregarde is sour, lots of lacto on the taste, makes the jaw pucker a little bit, but admittedly I enjoy beers that have a lot of lacto sour tasting notes.. I taste a lot of tart blueberries, some wood and some of the citrus form the smell is also in the flavor. Because of the lactic acid the beer is extremely dry, which makes me want to keep going back to the glass to quench the thirst it’s causing.

The Bruery Beauregarde
BREWERY: The Bruery
LOCATION: Placentia, Calif.
STYLE: American wild ale
ABV: 5.3 percent
IBU: n/a
PRICE: $25
AVAILABLE IN: 750ml bottles
Beauregarde is really a well done beer, but again I would warn you, this beer is very sour, very tart, there isn’t a lot of funkiness, it’s the kind of sour you get eating Warheads candies. There isn’t a ton to balance it out besides a little sweetness from the blueberries and some nice oak characteristics, but the beer isn’t too overpowering that it’s not enjoyable. It’s quite the opposite actually, the beer is very enjoyable and as I previously mentioned, makes it very easy to want to drink more because of the dryness. It could be rough on the palate to drink an entire bottle by yourself, but grab a friend and definitely track down a bottle Beauregarde if you enjoy tart sours.
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