Located in Richmond, Texas which is just southwest of Houston, resides Texian Brewing Co. History is a bit hard to come by for this small town Texas brewery, but what I can figure out with a bit of sleuthing and math is that Texian started in November of 2012. They also currently have four year round beers:

  • Brutus – English-style pale ale
  • Broken Ridge – Dunkelweizen
  • First Stand – Belgian saison
  • Battle Line – Brown ale

Texian doesn’t produce a huge amount of beer, but they have done several one-off brews and appear to constantly be experimenting with different flavors and styles, so be on the lookout for new releases from them.

Texian Charlie Foxtrot bottle

Charlie Foxtrot is an imperial Berliner Weisse that was originally released in September 2014 on draft and in 22-ounce. bottles. From my understanding it will be a year-round release, just being released in different batches throughout the year.

Charlie Foxtrot pours with a fairly thick head that is cloud white and looks very soft liked whipped eggs. The color is hazy orange that settles into a bright caramel, orange and amber color. The smell on this beer is really great and very complex. There are hints of citrus; lemon, lime and orange, tart sour, bready yeast and dank hops. There is a sweetness present as well; despite the tart there is a malt backbone.

Texian Charlie Foxtrot

Just like the nose on this beer there is a whole lot going on in the flavor profile. Fruit flavors like orange and tart berries, very tart lemon juice/peel. There is a small amount of funkiness, like wet grass that is also present. On the tail end I can taste some of the wheatiness of the beer, it’s a mild malt flavor but it’s there and it helps to really pull this beer together nicely.

Texian Charlie Foxtrot
BREWERY: Texian Brewing Co.
LOCATION: Richmond, Texas
STYLE: Berliner weisse
ABV: 7.5 percent
IBU: 5
PRICE: $5.99
RELEASE DATE: September 2014
AVAILABLE IN: 22-ounce bottles
I was a big fan of this beer and at a price point of around $6; it would be hard to find a sour beer with as much complexity as Charlie Foxtrot. This would be a very refreshing beer on a warm day and extremely drinkable for a 7.5 percent sour, the alcohol is hidden very well. It’s masked underneath the huge complexity of both the nose and the flavor. What was nice was that Charlie Foxtrot didn’t rely on one flavor or component to be interesting. There were many flavors working in harmony that kept the palate engaged and the beer was balanced very well. This will no doubt be something I seek out, especially during the warm months. Even though it’s 7.5 percent this would still be an incredible beer to be able to get in a six pack of cans and session a few on a warm patio.
86Overall Score
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