Just a few years ago I would walk into a bottle shop and I would get excited if there was a beer I hadn’t tried before. Now a days, every time I walk into a bottle shop I can always find something new that I have yet to enjoy. A few months back I was slowly wondering the aisles of my local bottle shop1 and noticed a saison from Tahoe Mountain Brewing Company. I had never had anything from the brewery and I love saisons so I decided to pick one up a bottle of Provisions. On my way to the register I got distracted by a few bottles of Fantome Saison2 and decided that Provisions would have to wait.

A few days later a box arrived on my porch from Tenemu and low and behold there was a bottle of Provisions. I think the beer gods really want me to try this beer.

Tahoe Mountain Brewing Company Provisions bottle

A few weeks later it is finally time to crack open the beer and the cap pops off easily with a decent pop. The beer pours a crystal clear bright gold with a big fluffy white head that sits in my Teku glass FOREVER. As I wait for the head to dissipate enough to take a sip, I spend a couple of minutes burring my nose into the glass. The nose is fairly simple with a light grain smell, a slight floral note, a touch of light fruitiness and a bit of rye spiciness. They all seem to play together well but there is nothing terribly exciting about the bouquet. After a couple of minutes I grow inpatient and try to take a sip from the glass and end up looking like Dr. Evil drinking a Starbucks. I decide to go the old fashion way of just scooping out a handful of foam so I can get to the beer.

Tahoe Mountain Brewing Company Provisions

After a few sips I start picking up some of the same flavors as the bouquet. A very light and crisp beer with an array of subtle flavors. Like the nose, nothing really jumps out flavor wise but it is delicate and enjoyable. A generic graininess, lemony citrus, rose pedals, black pepper and a decent rye bite. The flavors linger well into the finish and the flavors seem to fall off one by one leaving the citrus and rye as the lone survivors.

Tahoe Mountain Brewing Company Provisions
BREWERY: Tahoe Mountain Brewing Co.
LOCATION: Truckee, Calif.
STYLE: Saison
ABV: 6.2 percent
IBU: n/a
PRICE: $9.99
BEERS POURED: 500ml bottle
Overall, I think Provisions is an excellent beer that I could drink a large amount of on a warm spring afternoon. There is nothing that really makes it stand out from the pack but I can’t really pick out anything that I dislike about the beer. At $10 for a 500ml bottle it seemed a little steep for a beer that was not barrel-aged or soured but I can see myself picking up another bottle. I am glad the beer gods pushed my to try this one and I am looking forward to additional offerings from Tahoe Mountain Brewing Co.
81Overall Score
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