Sixpoint Brewery was founded in 2004 by Andrew Bronstein and Shane Welch, classmates at The University of Wisconsin. Bronstein provided the cash investment needed to lease a facility and Welch created the recipes based on his homebrew experience. Originally calling themselves Sixpoint Craft Ales, they began producing beer with a hodgepodge of used equipment inside of an 800-square-foot garage in a run-down neighborhood in Brooklyn called Redhook. The brewery quickly relocated to a 7,000-square-foot factory in Redhook that formerly manufactured filing cabinets.

Sixpoint Resin can

Its symbol is the sixpoint brewers star which has been synonymous with the craft of brewing for centuries. Over 500 years ago, the star became the official insignia of the Brewers Guild in Europe. Folklore claims that the six points of the star represent the critical elements of brewing: grain, water, hops, yeast, malts and the brewer. Others say the star has its roots in alchemy, with the star points fire, air, water and earth representing “great work”

The crew began business by distributing kegs only and eventually started canning its offerings in June 2011, releasing four different varieties. Resin was first released as a year-round offering in the early part of 2012 in a 12-ounce slim can. It is loosely described as a double IPA, but rarely do Sixpoint beers adhere to any strict style demands.

Resin is classified as an imperial IPA, boasting a 9.1 ABV and 103 IBUSs.1 The inspiration for Resin is best described in the following quote from Welch:

People know very little about hops and if you really want to celebrate this spice… gotta understand the resin. We wanted to create a beer that celebrated the essence of the plant, the resin. When breweries take hop cones, and they are put in the boil, it’s the heat, the fire, that actually transforms the resin, and makes it dissolveable in the beer. If you are talking about the raw bittering flavor that is delivered by the hop, you are talking about the resin, so how about a beer that not only celebrates that compound, but puts it up on a pedestal and memorializes it.

This beer pours a beautiful, clear golden amber color with a magnificent three to four fingers of fizzy head, slightly off white and an aroma that is straight forward with plenty of piney resin, fresh citrus peel, orange and a touch of freshly mowed grass.

Sixpoint Resin

First taste fills the mouth with pine resin, hop bitterness, brown sugar and a sweetness that reminds me of fruity candy. Alcohol warms ever so slightly, but does not overpower the taste and feel of this beer. The hop bitterness lingers for quite some time but balances well with the underlying sweetness and malts. As this beer warms, the alcohol presence makes itself a little more known and some of the sweetness dissipates. As time goes by, the lacing keeps it’s place on the inside of the glass, clinging for dear life.

Sixpoint Resin
BREWERY: Sixpoint Brewery
LOCATION: Brooklyn, N.Y.
STYLE: Imperial IPA
ABV: 9.1
IBU: 103
PRICE: $2.33
RELEASE DATE: 2012 (Canned April 20, 2015)
AVAILABLE IN: 12-ounce cans
Resin is large and in charge, like a towering pine tree with sweet sap oozing down the sides. Any fan of IPAs would be happy to push the limits by trying this "over-the-top" IPA. The amount of hops and IBUs may scare the session IPA drinker a little, but this beer was not meant to be consumed in massive quantities. It was meant to show what an IPA can be at the extreme levels of pine and citrus that Resin is.
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