According to it’s website, the interesting history of Sixpoint Brewery is as follows:

While some historical records indicate Sixpoint Brewery was founded in 2004, the real birth of Sixpoint begins at the dawn of civilization. That is when the earliest societies began cultivating cereal grains to make fermented beverages, and the desire for excellence in the craft of brewing was forged. Even during the earliest of civilizations, rich iconography had adorned various brewing vessels, and pictographs depicting the craft of brewing were rife with symbolism. One symbol has transcended and survived throughout the ages – The Sixpoint Brewers Star. The symbol was very prominent during the medieval period but its popularity started to fade after the early 1900s. In 2004, Sixpoint resurrected the Brewers star and founded Sixpoint Brewery, and the rest is history….

The reincarnation of the star and Sixpoint has proven to be a plus for the craft beer community as the brewery has brewed some amazing beers, pushed the limits, and redefined craft beer as we know it.

Sixpoint Puff can

Today’s beer is a new release and a new take on a previously released beer. Puff is an unfiltered version of Resin, a DIPA, that has been hopped to the max, letting the drinker know what raw,  straight out of the barrel beer should look and taste like. I reached out to Shane Welch, chief visionary and founder of Sixpoint and this is what he had to say about Puff:

 I like to Puff on many occasions, but I think Puff is the perfect breakfast beer. It fits nicely right on the shelf in my shower, and also tastes like grapefruit juice. Shower beer, breakfast beer, juice bomb. The trifecta

Wow, I’m sold. I pour from a slim 12-ounce can and receive a brilliant gold colored, semi-cloudy concoction with a solid finger of head, lots of carbonation and spotty lacing. Aromas of grapefruit, mango and assorted tropical fruits meet me halfway and start this journey off on the right foot.

Taste is full of assorted citrus, including peaches, grapefruit, plums and oranges. There is an  amazingly strong bite of bitter, resinous hops present, but they balance so well with the rest of the players

Sixpoint Puff

The carbonation is very nice and the balance remains quite leveled throughout the drinking process. Mouthfeel is tingly with citrus and loud with piney hops. The finish is crisp, clean but slightly leaning towards the hop bitterness.

Sixpoint Puff
BREWERY: Sixpoint Brewery
LOCATION: Brooklyn, N.Y.
ABV: 9.8 percent
IBU: 108
PRICE: $3 (12-ounce can)
AVAILABLE IN: 12-ounce
A hop bomb is the only way to describe this beer. Lots of juicy citrus and piney hops dominate the palate throughout the duration. Hop heads unite and bow down to your new leader
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