A brief history of Sixpoint Brewery and the Sixpoint Brewing Star was best summed up in one of my previous reviews:

Sixpoint Brewery was founded in 2004 by Andrew Bronstein and Shane Welch, classmates at The University of Wisconsin. Bronstein provided the cash investment needed to lease a facility and Welch created the recipes based on his homebrew experience. Originally calling themselves Sixpoint Craft Ales, they began producing beer with a hodgepodge of used equipment inside of an 800-square-foot garage in a run-down neighborhood in Brooklyn called Redhook. The brewery quickly relocated to a 7,000-square-foot factory in Redhook that formerly manufactured filing cabinets.

Its symbol is the sixpoint brewers star which has been synonymous with the craft of brewing for centuries. Over 500 years ago, the star became the official insignia of the Brewers Guild in Europe. Folklore claims that the six points of the star represent the critical elements of brewing: grain, water, hops, yeast, malts and the brewer. Others say the star has its roots in alchemy, with the star points fire, air, water and earth representing “great work.

Today I am reviewing last fall’s release of Barrel-Aged 4Beans. The base beer is 4Beans, a  Baltic porter originally released in 2015. Brewed with Romano beans, cocoa husks, coffee beans and vanilla beans, this version was aged in bourbon and rye whiskey barrels to hopefully produce a more complex version of the original.

Poured from a slim 12-ounce can with a canned on date of Nov. 9, 2018 and a best buy date of Nov. 7, 2021, the beer pours an opaque black color with a massive khaki head after a “right down the middle of the glass” release. The aroma is somewhat one-dimensional with vanilla being the star. I receive a bit of bourbon in the mix but seem to be lacking more of the roasted malts and possibly some dark fruits that I was expecting. Taste follows the nose with big vanilla and I start to get a bit more of what I was looking for; roasted malts and whiskey notes.

The beer seems a little lacking in the complete structure of a barrel-aged porter but does show potential. The mouth feel is thinner than expected and I am not sure if the slight burn I am getting now is due the higher ABV or the barrel notes, though my guess is the latter. Finish is a bit light and I am left wanting a little more.

Sixpoint Barrel-Aged 4Beans (2018)
BREWERY: Sixpoint Brewery
LOCATION: Brooklyn, N.Y.
STYLE: Baltic Porter
ABV: 11 percent
IBU: 40
PRICE: $3.99
AVAILABLE IN: 12-ounce cans
Barrel-aged 4Beans is a good porter with nice bourbon notes, but it lacks the complexity that I was expecting. Don't get me wrong, this is a well done beer, just maybe that I was expecting a bit more with the balance, complexity and mouth feel from Sixpoint.
79Overall Score
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