From what I can translate, the Schelde Brewery opened in 1994 and sprang out of existence from a couple of members of the Berge Brewers Guild. All of their labels feature the Wildemen or “Wild men,” literally wild men of the woods whose legend started back in medieval times. Depictions of them can be seen all throughout European history and also holding up the coat of arms for the municipality of Bergen op Zoom which is where the brewery first opened before moving to the current location in Hoogstraten.

Scheldebrouwerij ‘N Toeback bottle

Today’s beer ‘N Toeback was first released in 2009 as Straffe Toeback. They ended up being sued because the name was too similar to another beer that used Straffe in its name; hence ‘n Toeback. On the label the word Quattro can be seen hinting at its strength, however this should not be confused with the term quadruple.

Poured into a snifter, ‘N Toeback displays a color reminiscent of Butternut squash and a two finger creamy white head. A bit of chill haze is present as this is an unfiltered and bottle conditioned beer. Aroma is complete with malty sweetness upfront, followed by, stone fruits, clove phenols, and tarragon. The stone fruit character is really nice and plays very well with the heavy clove notes from the Belgian yeast.

Scheldebrouwerij ‘N Toeback

Tasting brings the yeast to the forefront with main notes of clove and sharp white pepper. In the background is just a touch of spicy hop bitterness that lends itself well to the super dry finish. The balance between that bitterness and the malty sweetness is damn near perfect. However, there is a good bit of alcohol heat on the back end, making this beer seems a bit bigger than 9.5 percent. The mouthfeel is light and tingles the palate like a proper Belgian beer should.

Scheldebrouwerij 'N Toeback
BREWERY: ScheldeBrouwerij
LOCATION: Hoogstraten, Belgium
STYLE: Strong Golden Ale
ABV: 9.5 percent
IBU: 30
PRICE: €3 ($3.30)
Overall, ‘N Toeback is a good sipping or night cap kind of beer. Belgian character is abound and plays off the dry finish well, though the alcohol heat is a bit much for a sub 10% beer. Balance is really quite good and it works that familiar Belgian characteristic of “digestibility”.
82Overall Score
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