Red Brick Brewing Co. has undergone a number of major changes since its inception in 1993, most notably the location, name, and management.

Much of the revitalization of Red Brick has occurred in the last 10 years or so, but it is apparent that the vision statement of Red Brick Brewing is founded in the embracing of creativity and embodiment of community. Garett Lockhart, the current brewmaster and president of the company, is supported by a staff of 18 at its Atlanta, Georgia brewery. Distribution is confined to only seven states in the southeastern region of the United States, however Red Brick also claims to have offered its beers in China, Italy, and South Korea.

Red Brick Brewing Thick Silky bottle

Of the 60 various beers offered, approximately 24 of them remain current in their availability while the others have been stored in the chronicles of the distant past. Just as Red Brick Brewing Co. has seen a push for revival, so has its Double Chocolate Oatmeal porter, which today goes by the name Thick Silky. Of a marketing theme mostly comical and perhaps off-putting to some, this seasonal beer is touted to be strong, lavish, and original. Don’t believe me? Here’s the bottle narrative:

All you suckas gather ’round, a brand new dude is coming to town! Thick Silky is a man with a plan, and a Kung Fu backhand, you dig? He runs the chocolate game in this city, and when it comes to the haters he shows no pity. With his fine, foxy ladies sitting pretty in a tricked out ’73 Cadillac DeVille, he’s down with the double chocolate oatmeal scene and keeping it real. So, if you crave satisfaction, Thick Silky is the man who’s got that action.

Double entendre and innuendos aside, Thick Silky is an American porter that may be best left in the craft beer catacombs.

It pours a dark ruby tinged brown nestled underneath a thin and light colored tan head. The glass becomes quite lively with carbonation from bottom to top, in a sort of way that resembled seltzer. Aroma is an even balance of toffee, dark fruit, and alcohol. Not perceived much at all in the nose is any hint of chocolate. This is disappointing as I am ready to be met with a very dessert style composition.

Red Brick Brewing Thick Silky

The mouthfeel is, not surprisingly, over carbonated and thin. All aspects of this brew that Red Brick claims to have underlined are struck through before the first swallow. Tasting notes are a bit off for the porter style, as the malt body is a bit far down the roasted spectrum, and the sweetness from start to finish doesn’t really begin to present itself until well beyond any recommended serving temperature. Hints of bitter chocolate are evident, but this is not the focus of the profile. The finish is woody and lightly sweet with a presence of alcohol on the exhale. In general this beer lacks the implied complexity of its namesake, and it seems that maybe this recipe may not have made it all the way to the marketing department.

Red Brick Brewing Thick Silky
BREWERY: Red Brick Brewing Co.
LOCATION: Atlanta, Ga.
STYLE: American porter
ABV: 7.7 percent
IBU: n/a
PRICE: $7.99
AVAILABLE IN: 22-ounce bottles
Thick Silky by Red Brick Brewing Company is not a shining example of a thick or silky porter. It is however a brew with much room for improvement, both in concept and execution. If the team at Red Brick were to add a more dessert quality body and an increased complexity to the flavor selection, it would evoke a revisit. Until then, I anticipate Thick Silky will have to find a part time job to keep gas in that ole’ 73 Caddy.
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