The craft beer world is a place that generally tends to have a much less pretentious persona than that of the wine world. This is evident in many ways but one that stands out to me often is in beer names and bottle art. There are many breweries out there today that have fun with their beer names and do not take themselves too seriously. Noble,1 Against the Grain2 and Evil Twin.3 are a few that come to mind that have fun with their beer names.

Another brewery to add to that list is Prairie Artisan Ales from Tulsa, Okla. With playful cartoon like bottle art and beer names such as: Merica, You So Crazy and Flare they are another brewery that has some fun with naming and art design process.

Prairie Flare bottle

Flare is one in particular that might not make as much sense until you see the label art. For fans of the 1991 cult classic film “Office Space” the label on flare will be quite noticeable. It is a throwback to a scene in the movie where Mike Judge and Jennifer Aniston has a conversation about the required amount of “flare” on their uniforms. Being a big fan of the movie this beer immediately caught my eye4I guess the concept worked!5 and being a an equally big fan of the gose style I had to try it.

Prairie Flare

The beer pours an enticing hazy gold with a fluffy white head that dissipates pretty quickly. Flare has a very noticeable tartness on the nose that is met with wheat, sea water and a lemon lime combo. There is a bit of funkiness that comes through a bit more as it warms along with more of the coriander. My first sip of the beer is quite refreshing. A moderate level of acidity that is expertly balanced by the salinity and the citrus. The orange comes through sweeter than expected and I also get hints of stone fruit and white grapes as well. The flavors are bright and crisp and the carbonation and mouthfeel are spot on for the style.

Prairie Flare
BREWERY: Krebs Brewing Co.
LOCATION: Krebs, Okla.
ABV: 5.4 percent
IBU: n/a
PRICE: $9.99
RELEASE DATE: October 2015
Overall, I find the beer quite refreshing and a great example of the gose style. I also am a big fan of the 500ml format I feel it is the perfect format that allows someone to easily take it down solo or just enough to share with a friend. While it may have been the clever marketing on the bottle and the reference to a great movie that caught my eye it ended being a solid beer that I would recommend to anyone who has a case of the Mondays.
79Overall Score
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