JAHvanilla Ten Fidy, brewed by Oskar Blues, is a 12.9 percent monster bourbon barrel aged stout with, you guessed it, coffee and vanilla. Ten Fidy, the base beer used for this, is a legend in the craft beer world. Many a craft drinker dipped their toes into the double-digit ABV world of stouts by popping the top on a Ten Fidy can.

The Oskar Blues’ website had this to say about the beer and the release:

Bourbon barrel aged Ten FIDY got rolled up in a barrel with Hotbox Roasters’ cold brew coffee and Madagascar vanilla beans until the flavors came together in a blaze of glory. Blue Mountain Jamaican coffee beans were used in the super concentrated cold brew which was added in an intense 2 pounds of coffee to 1 bbl of beer ratio. 12.9% ABV

JAHVanilla was released on April 20, at 4:20 p.m., at Oskar Blues’ Colorado-based taprooms. While the beer was limited to only those locations, there were no purchase limits.

If you are a fan of the Ten Fidy Series, then you know this beer pours like strong coffee, completely black, without a trace of light breaking through. There is a plethora of tan head that very slowly fades away. The smell is extremely coffee forward with a hint of sweet vanilla and some earthy barrel tones, but a strong coffee presence dominates each inhale of this beer.

There are no surprises upon my first sip of this brew: loads and loads of coffee. It’s good coffee, but it is a really strong presence. There is some faint vanilla holding on, perhaps it has faded in the last four months? The barrel presence is also not in your face, and is rather subdued, but is there at the end of each sip. Ten Fidy on its own is such a malty, roasty, chocolately beer that the coffee really amplifies those flavors. The silky mouthfeel is really nice and the carbonation dies down a lot throughout drinking it, turning it into straight velvet.

Oskar Blues JAHVanilla Ten Fidy
BREWERY: Oskar Blues Brewery
LOCATION: Boulder, Colo.
STYLE: Imperial Stout
ABV: 12.9 percent
IBU: n/a
PRICE: $12.50
RELEASE DATE: April 20, 2018
AVAILABLE IN: 19.2-ounce Cans
I am a fan of the beer, but I am also a big fan of coffee. The whole experience is akin to drinking mocha from a coffee shop, not a bad thing, but if you’re not into coffee, this beer is not going to be your thing. I wish the vanilla and barrel jumped out to me a little bit more, the coffee and dark chocolate are there from start to finish and it’s a little monotonous. It’s a good flavor profile, but it would just be nice for the other things to play a role.
80Overall Score
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