Strawberry beers have been a bit of an enigma for me. I love strawberries and can easily eat a basket with much effort and obviously I love beer so one would think strawberry beers would be a no brainer.

No Label Texas Strawberry Blonde Ale bottle

Over the years I have had a few that were good but I have yet to have one that really captures the flavors of the strawberry. More times than not you get little hints of strawberry (if any) and rarely would I be able to blindly be able to pick out strawberry. Other fruited beers such as apricots, peaches, cherries and raspberries tend to deliver a much more pronounced and enjoyable fruit character but I am still holding out hope that someone out there will create the strawberry beer I have been waiting for.

The next beer to step up to the plate in my search for a great strawberry is No Label Strawberry Blonde. Generally I lean towards sour fruited beers but I will give this one a shot.

I pop the beer and fill my glass with the marmalade color elixir.  The beer has an off white soupy head that dissipates quickly and seems to have a good amount of carbonation. The aroma doesn’t jump out of the glass but after a few seconds I get the yeast esters you would expect form a blonde ale. Sourdough bread,  grain and touch of generic sweetness but not a lot of strawberry.

No Label Texas Strawberry Blonde Ale

My first taste of the beer didn’t bring much as far as flavor goes but as the glass warmed up a bit the flavors start to become more pronounced. Again, I get the typical blonde ale flavors but the sweetness stands out a lot more in the taste. Knowing it is a strawberry beer I do pull out the flavor of the delicious fruit but if I was given this beer blind I might guess a number of other berries before I land on strawberry. The fruit character is enjoyable and adds a great layer of sweetness to the beer making it a refreshing summertime brew. The fruit lingers into the finish leaving you want another sip and by the end of the beer I found myself wishing I had another.

No Label Texas Strawberry Blonde Ale
BREWERY: No Label Brewing Co.
LOCATION: Katy, Texas
STYLE: Blonde Ale
ABV: 5.5 percent
IBU: 15
PRICE: $1.67 (Six-packs of 12-ounce bottles, $9.99)
RELEASE DATE: Feb. 15, 2016
AVAILABLE IN: 12-ounce bottles
Coming into this review I have to admit I did not have the highest of hops for this one. It is a style that I would almost never purchase when on a shelf full of choices but by the time I finished the bottle I ended up enjoying it much more than I anticipated. I think that No Label did a great job with the style but as with most strawberry beers I would like to see a bit more pronounced strawberry flavor. Is No Label Strawberry Blonde the strawberry masterpiece I have been searching for? No. It is an enjoyable?  Yes. Simple, refreshing and it seems like a great beer to help win over a macro drinker.
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