A couple months ago I had the pleasure of reviewing the No Label Brewing Co’s Perpetual Peace. The wee-heavy aged in bourbon barrels was part of the brewery’s Off Label Brew Series, which is a limited production set of beers on the experimental side of things.

The latest of the three beers in the series is the Boomstick, which is what the brewery is calling a double black rye coffee IPA. Partnering with Boomtown Coffee for their coffee needs, the name is an obvious play off of Boomtown while the label’s1 artwork shows a shotgun and shotshells.

No Label Boomstick Double Black Rye Coffee IPA bottle

A double black rye coffee IPA is an interesting concept I can’t remember seeing before, where instead you usually see coffee added into stouts or porters instead. Having enjoyed the previous Off Label release so much, I eagerly crack open the bottle and pour the completely opaque beer into my glass. It’s such a dark brown color that I would almost call it black, and with it a medium brown half an inch of head builds up on top. It dissipates slowly, ending up just a bit of a ring around the edge of the glass. As I bring the glass to my nose I’m not exactly sure what to expect, but I’m greeted with exactly what I should have expected – an interesting mix of hops and coffee up front with a touch of roasted malts and caramel in the background.

No Label Boomstick Double Black Rye Coffee IPA

The taste continues the uniqueness, with big coffee notes alongside hoppy bitterness taking over my tastebuds. Malty chocolates follow with the hops, creating a flavor profile that’s almost like bitter dark chocolate covered coffee beans. The mouthfeel is nice, medium to heavy with a good amount of carbonation. On the finish is more bitter chocolate, dark roasted coffee notes and a slight malty sweetness.


No Label Boomstick Double Black Rye Coffee IPA
BREWERY: No Label Brewing Co.
LOCATION: Katy, Texas
STYLE: American black ale
ABV: 7.46 percent
IBU: n/a
PRICE: $9.99
RELEASE DATE: March 2015
AVAILABLE IN: 22-ounce bottles
The Bottom Line: I had mixed anticipation going into this review, with previous enjoyment of the Off Label series, enjoyment of coffee beers, but not having really had it in this style before that I can remember. The mix of everything created a very interesting profile, one that I enjoyed to a certain extent, but I also found myself not particularly wanting to finish off the entire bottle. If this was in 12-ounce bottles I think I could enjoy a glass and then move to a different beer, but 22 ounces was just a bit overwhelming. If you enjoy hoppy beers and coffee beers this might be down your alley. Myself I found it to be an interesting combination, though one that I didn’t particularly love or hate—just something that was a bit middle of the road. Regardless, I look forward to trying whatever it is they come up with next in the Off Label Brew Series.
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