Night Shift Brewing is a really young brewery out of Everett, Mass. It was founded in 2012 by three friends who used to brew late at night, hence using “night shift” in their name.

The brewery likes to experiment and push the boundaries of various flavor profiles, but beyond that, Night Shift takes pride in the culture they have created:

We believe in creating and sharing an energetic, inspired, world-class culture. This belief influences everything from our beer recipes, to our staff hiring’s, to our Taproom culture, to the way we run our production floor. We create and we share what we do, and we do it with energy, with inspiration, and with world-class standards always in mind.

Night Shift Ever Weisse bottle

Night Shift brews seasonal beers and Ever Weiss is part of its Summer Seasonal line-up. It originally released in 2012 and has since been released each summer since then, there are multiple bottling’s each year and some are bottled early summer and some are bottled later. The bottle that I am reviewing was bottled June 24, 2014 and clocks in at 5.9 percent, the ABV on these fluctuate and the later versions seem to have dropped in the 3 percent range.

The color on Ever Weisse is absolutely beautiful; it’s a golden honey with a red hue. It has very little carbonation, but what is there is bright white and dissipates very quickly.

Ever Weisse has an amazing smell, I get a lot of strawberry, sweet candy, some mild sour, kiwi and subdued hibiscus. The aromas coming off this beer are crazy; it’s like smelling a strawberry kiwi fruit by the foot. There is some light bready yeastiness, like a mild sourdough bread, this is the only thing that really made it smell like a beer at all. Other than that it is a straight up fruit bomb.

Night Shift Ever Weisse

The taste follows the aroma for the most part; I am getting a good dose of sour also some wine tannin, which is interesting since this one wasn’t aged in a barrel of any kind. It also follows the aroma of the strawberry candy flavor as well; it’s sort of like a tart strawberry banana flavored candy. There is some breadiness as well, but overall, Ever Weisse is like alcoholic fruit juice.

Night Shift Ever Weisse
BREWERY: Night Shift Brewing
LOCATION: Everett, Mass.
STYLE: Berliner weisse
ABV: 5.9 percent
IBU: n/a
PRICE: $14
RELEASE DATE: 2012 (Bottled June 2014)
AVAILABLE IN: 750ml bottles
I personally really liked Ever Weisse. I have only had a few beers from Night Shift and this one was hands down my favorite. There was a really nice complexity in the flavors and overall this was a very unique beer with a phenomenal use of the fruit flavors. I would be really interested in checking out other versions of the beer, as I’m sure the batches vary quite a bit since the ABV flucuates so much. I can’t speak for recent releases, but this was a beautifully crafted beer I would recommend tracking down. I for one am looking forward to more Night Shift beers.
87Overall Score
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