Founded in 2006 by a math teacher, Mikkel Borg Bjergsø and a journalist, Kristian Klarup Keller. Both were home brewers and when Mikkel got a job at a café that received imports like Chimay and Hoegarden it gave him a taste for beer that wasn’t readily available to him. Then one day when he drank an IPA from he quickly realized two things, he wanted to make beer like that and he could save a lot of money if he could.

Mikkel and Kristian began brewing together and quickly gained notoriety locally when they won a blind taste test with a clone beer they brewed. After that they began making their own recipes and entering and winning medals at homebrew competitions. They made a name for themselves by brewing on amateur equipment in a kitchen and when Mikkel’s twin brother Jeppe opened a beer shop in Copenhagen, he began distributing the beer for the two, which we know today as Mikkeller.

Mikkeller Spontanredcurrant bottle

A really interested fact about Mikkeller is they are considered a phantom brewery, one in which does not actually operate out of its own space, but relies on taking his ideas and collaborating with other breweries to actually make the beers.

Spontanredcurrant is a very unique and beautiful color. It has a deep red and orange hue, that when first poured was hazy and appeared like liquid copper.

The smell of Spontanredcurrant has a high vinegar profile, a typical “sour” smell of funk and lactobacillus and also some fruit from the currants that smells like cherries and bitter berries.

Mikkeller Spontanredcurrant

The taste is extremely sour; it puckers the mouth and causes the jaw to clinch. The sour, although very strong, gives way to a jammy sweetness of fruit, which has notes of cherries and raspberries. Other tasting notes include, cherry bitters, fresh floral, citrus zest and light barnyard funk.

Mikkeller Spontanredcurrant
STYLE: Lambic
ABV: 7.7 percent
IBU: n/a
PRICE: $13.49
AVAILABLE IN: 12.7-ounce bottles
This was a very well done sour by an obviously incredible brewery that has zero fear of taking chances. The sour would almost be too strong if it wasn’t followed by such a sharp contrast of sweetness, but since it does, it makes the balance of this beer very nice. The lactobacillus and funk sour tones also make for a nice combination as both are done well with neither becoming overpowering. The citrus, leaning towards lemon, the bittersweet raspberry and cherry and the funkiness all come together to make this a very solid beer.
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