Lone Pint Brewery is situated about 40 miles northwest of Houston in the scenic city of Magnolia, Texas. A relatively low-key community, there are mainly two things that draw outsiders to the area: the Renaissance Festival and Lone Pint beer. The latter of which has only been lawful since 2011, as Magnolia was the last remaining dry city in the entire county; 11 cities in all and roughly 500,000 residents. One year after the vote to allow the sale of alcoholic beverages, Lone Pint brewed their first commercial beer in September of 2012.

Brother and sister Trevor Brown and Heather Niederhofer founded Lone Pint Brewery and since then have built a full team of on-site hop heads, including Heather’s husband Blake. Distribution continues to expand as Lone Pint grows, however beer availability is on par with start-up breweries: the farther you get the scarcer it becomes. Luckily for me, I’m close enough to be able to purchase its Yellow Rose IPA on grocers’ shelves down the street. And if you haven’t experienced fresh Yellow Rose, it’s worth the trip; from wherever you are. Aside from its blockbuster IPA, Lone Pint brews a number of available styles from many different ales, a ghost chili porter, and even a Braggot. A barleywine is about to be hitting stores soon, so keep your eyes peeled. Today’s subject for review is its imperial IPA called The Jabberwocky.

Lone Pint The Jabberwocky bottle

The brewery describes the beer:

The Jabberwocky, our Imperial India Pale Ale uses two different types of malted barley and two very pungent whole cone American hops. This brew is hopped so heavily that post-boil, after all the wort has been transferred to the fermenter, the hop mass at the bottom of the kettle is more than one foot deep. Post-fermentation, The Jabberwocky is dry hopped with colossal amounts of the same two hops. The beer is named after a monster we all hold dear.

The listed ingredients are golden promise and German pilsner malted barley, Columbus and Citra whole cone hops, and house yeast.

Decanted into an IPA glass, the result is in fact a deep golden orange topped by a two-finger eggshell head. The beer has a moderate effervescence and remains hazy with a significant amount of particulates mingling about. The aroma is a rich mixture of grapefruit, apple skin, and sweet bread similar to King’s Hawaiian rolls.

Lone Pint The Jabberwocky

The beer is received in to the senses a lively and full bodied imperial IPA, and every one of the 114 IBUs is present and accounted for. Tasting notes can be compared to an entire garden in a bottle. There is a strong organic herbalness accompanied by bitter citrus rind finish.

Lone Pint The Jabberwocky
BREWERY: Lone Pint Brewery
LOCATION: Magnolia, Texas
STYLE: Imperial IPA
ABV: 8.2 percent
IBU: 114
PRICE: $9.99
AVAILABLE IN: 750ml bottles
The Jabberwocky by Lone Pint Brewery is a solid no-frills Imperial IPA. It is a drinkable but yet forceful representation of the style, and is certainly able to remain comparable to other top shelf availabilities.
89Overall Score
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