Relatively new to the ever expanding craft beer landscape is Lakewood Brewing Co. Started in 2011 and located in the Dallas suburb of Garland, Wim Bens and co. have brought 24 different brews to the masses. Employing roughly two dozen people, Lakewood supports bottle and draft distribution, and also hosts a taproom and brewery tours five days per week.1

Of the varied releases from Lakewood, is a quarterly rotation of brews from its Seduction Series. All of these styles are variants of the year-round available Temptress, an imperial milk stout. The current at-bat in this series is the November release of Sin Mint Temptress. Looking more closely at this release, you will find a hefty portion of flavored imperial milk stout described as ale brewed with lactose sugar, vanilla, fresh mint, graham cracker, and natural flavors.

Lakewood Sin Mint Temptress bottle

The hardware for this review was not a snifter as Lakewood recommends but a Spiegelau stout glass. The serving temperature was not only as suggested (50-55 degrees Fahrenheit), but also both lower and higher so that all aspects of the ingredients could be appreciated. The pour results in a viscous and extremely dark reddish brown beer. The one-finger graham cracker tinted head quickly reduces to a collar and continues to dissipate as the suggested serving temperature comes in to play. On the nose, there are strong attributes of baker’s chocolate and mint. The mint is pleasant; however I would move it further towards the artificial category than I would “fresh,” following up to the sweet, earthy, and herbal aroma is an underbelly of vanilla and cream.

Lakewood Sin Mint Temptress

The mouthfeel is a superbly high gravity (1.091 OG) and well carbonated silky texture, similar to melted chocolate and nougat. The not so discreet parallel to this beer is the experience one would get when consuming Thin Mint Girl Scout cookies. This one is unique right out of the gate. This beer is like a liquid cookie. A melted Thin Mint one might say. Tasting notes are the obvious mint and chocolate forerunners which then transition into a wash of vanilla, nutmeg, brown sugar, and cream. The dairy influence in this beer is unfortunately a bit heavy handed at the finish.



Lakewood Sin Mint Temptress (2015)
BREWERY: Lakewood Brewing Co.
LOCATION: Garland, Texas
STYLE: Imperial Milk Stout
ABV: 9.1 percent
IBU: 56
PRICE: $13.99
RELEASE DATE: November 2015
AVAILABLE IN: 22-ounce Bottles
The overwhelming sweet and creamy notes at the finish make this a dessert beer that ends unbalanced and cloying. Not to be misconstrued, this is a tasty dessert beer; however it may be better enjoyed with a more subdued sweetness and a more forward baker's chocolate profile. But if you pick up a bottle, be sure to also pick up a couple of friends as well and break out the Christmas Edition Monopoly. While you’re at it, pair this brew with a warm fruit dessert, sans any dairy accoutrements. You’ll be in for a treat.
75Overall Score
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