Kane Brewing Co.’s story is strikingly similar to many of the breweries being opened around the country today. Michael Kane traveled Europe tasting beers from an array of different cultures and upon returning quickly learned how to brew his own bender. Daylighting as a Wall Street business man Kane kept brewing when he could eventually winning a few medals at the renowned National Homebrew Competition.

That was in 2009. Fast forward to August of 2011, after a long search and much preparation the opening of Kane Brewing Co.’s facilities in Ocean, N.J. commenced.

The facility used to be home to a casket manufacturer which makes today’s beer, due to the name, a bit more ominous.


A Night to End All Dawns is marketed as an imperial stout that is then transformed into a dark ale after having spent fifteen months in bourbon barrels. From the label, the idea behind such a long aging period is to allow:

seasonal temperature fluctuations in the barrels to draw bold flavors from the oak that can only develop with time.

The pour is eerily similar to your standard dark soda available at any corner store. Jet black body with tons of rocky foam that immediately, and I mean immediately, dissipates leaving the contents in the glass looking akin to piano lacquer. It even mimics the noise of said soda. I can smell it already from about a foot and a half away. Super sweet dates and raisins come forth through the ether. The symphony continues with a hit of oak and that malty toffee caramel so prevalent in these massive malt bombs adding to the layers of sweetness. I can also detect what I am picking up as a faint hint of bubblegum. Surprisingly, the alcohol content is just barely detectable on the nose.


Diving in brings the sweet dates and raisins to the palate only now they are soaked in alcohol, the good bourbon kind. Some wood char and quality blackstrap molasses fill out the middle leading way for a long finish of Madagascar vanilla. The mouthfeel is heavy and sticky almost to the point of being syrupy. However, the carbonation level saves it from being over the top. Just. Wow.

Kane A Night to End All Dawns
BREWERY: Kane Brewing Co.
STYLE: Barrel-Aged Dark Ale
ABV: 13 percent
IBU: n/a
PRICE: $16
Overall, Kane’s A Night to End All Dawns is a top notch barrel-aged dark ale. The aroma and flavors are clean yet massive and well balanced. Complexity reigns in layers fading and switching like synchronized Olympic swimmers going for gold. The alcohol heat is noticeable but very light for an almost 13 percent ABV beer. Clearly, the brewer knows how to keep their yeast happy not to mention their drinkers. At first I wondered about the name but after consuming I now understand the worthiness it holds.
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