Grapevine Craft Brewery has had a tumultuous ride during its three year existence, from start-up, to expanding markets and then eventually ceasing all distribution and sales outside of the brewery and taproom.

This revelation was summed up best by founder Gary Humble when he said

Ours beers will now only be found in our taproom and beer garden in Grapevine. This was a hard decision, and one that was not made lightly. We value our customers and our fans, but at this time, it just doesn’t make financial sense for us to continue distributing our brands at a loss

Grapevine Ten Gauge bottle

The beer I am reviewing is one succumbed to the cutbacks, Ten Gauge, a bottle-conditioned Belgian IPA.

A moderate pour into the glass reveals a beautiful golden-yellow color, several fingers of fizzy white head, average lacing and a plethora of carbonation bubbles actively heading north.

Aromas of fresh lemon and orange dominate with other assorted fruit essences and a cool, sugary sweetness on the nose.

Grapevine Ten Gauge

The first taste mirrors the aroma with fresh citrus, especially lemon and a background of mango and peach. Also present are nice touches of yeast and earthiness, especially hay and grass. The flavor is extremely light and it is hard to hold onto without concentrating extra hard. Carbonation is ample and the balance is pretty even between the lemony flavors, the malt and the grassy funk. The 7.2 percent ABV remains subdued throughout, even during the warming process and the finish is clean and crisp with a small amount of earth bitterness.

Grapevine Ten Gauge
BREWERY: Grapevine Craft Brewery
LOCATION: Grapevine, Texas
STYLE: Belgian IPA
ABV: 7.2 percent
IBU: 60
PRICE: $9.49
AVAILABLE IN: 22-ounce bottles
Overall, a very light beer with very light flavors. The balance is well done, although I wish that the elements had been a little more pronounced, it would have elevated this IPA to the next level.
81Overall Score
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