At this point Evil Twin is a brewery that doesn’t really need an introduction, but for the sake of thoroughness; it was founded by Jeppe Jarnit-Bjergsø in 2010 in Brooklyn, N.Y. It is well known though, that Evil Twin is a gyspy brewery—one that doesn’t have it’s own permanent home for brewing—but contracts with other breweries in order to make it’s beer. This results in a lot of collaborations and the ability to experiment with a lot of styles and flavors.

Evil Twin Imperial Doughnut Break

The beer at hand today, Imperial Doughnut Break falls in as one of the more beer beers that it produces. It is produced at Westbrook Brewing Co. in South Carolina, the brewery behind Mexican Cake, so Westbrook knows a thing or two about dark adjunct beers. Imperial Doughnut Break is the base beer of the very popular Imperial Biscotti Break, but has hundreds of glazed donuts added to the brite tank before bottling.

It pours incredibly dark, a completely blacked out liquid that lets zero light in. The fluffy head is a tan/khaki color that very slowly fades away with the popping of small bubbles. The smell is really nice, very strong notes of coffee, bakers chocolate, molasses, earthiness and some char, like slightly burnt coffee beans.

Evil Twin Imperial Doughnut Break

Doughnut Break is a really solid tasting beer, a lot of great coffee flavor, but very low bitterness, I am assuming the sweetness of the donuts overpowers any bitterness and it gives it a really great flavor profile. It’s definitely on the sweet side, but not overpowering, I am also getting dark chocolate and a good amount of maltiness.

Evil Twin Imperial Doughnut Break
BREWERY: Westbrook Brewing Co.
LOCATION: Mt. Pleasant, S.C.
STYLE: Imperial Porter
ABV: 11.5 percent
IBU: n/a
PRICE: $19.99
AVAILABLE IN: 22-ounce bottles
Imperial Doughnut Break overall was a very solid offering. I was pretty blown away by the smoothness of the beer with it sitting at 11.5 percent ABV, it’s a really full bodied thick beer, but does a great job of not overwhelming the drinker. I split the 22-ounce bottle with a friend and it definitely didn’t feel like I drank 11 ounces of such a high gravity beer. I loved the coffee aroma and flavor and the great balance of roasted malts and coffee and the sweetness from the malts and donuts. This is an incredible porter that drinks every bit like the big stouts, a very well done beer from Evil Twin.
85Overall Score
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