Review day for me is generally the best day of my work week. I come home from work, pull out the laptop and get to spend some time over-analyzing a new beer. Picking apart every sip and really letting my beer nerd side shine is always interesting.

During this process, I will generally come up with something I find interesting about the beer, the brewery, the brewing process or the style to write about. Today’s beer is A is for Apricot from Evil Twin Brewing and after a bit of thought I came up with four possible angles to take. 

The first idea I had was to write something about the gose style and its interesting history. The fact that it was first brewed 1,000 years ago, then went extinct for long periods of time only to find itself reborn in today’s craft beer boom is pretty interesting. Then I realized, I already wrote that review a while back when I opened a gose from Anderson Valley.

My second thought was to discuss the process of kettle souring versus barrel aging a true sour beer. As I started clacking away on the keyboard it hit me, I wrote that one already as well. In fact, it was a gose-style beer brewed by the same brewer.

Alright, the third time is the charm. What if I were to write about the sibling rivalry between Evil Twins head brewer Jeppe Jarnit-Bjergsø and his brother Mikkel Borg Bjergsø who owns Mikkeler Brewing. It is a truly interesting story about, nope, already did that one too.

There has to be something I haven’t already covered. I got it, Evil Twin is gypsy brewery which is pretty unique to the craft beer world. Nope, been there done that already as well. I give up.

I crack the can and out pours a hazy straw-colored beer with three fingers of bright fluffy white head that dissipates to a halo within about 30 seconds. A quick whiff of the glass and I get a definite sweet fruit character along with lactic acid, salinity and hints of bready wheat malt. The bouquet is on point with what I would expect for the style and overall it smells very inviting and refreshing.   

My first sip of A Is For Apricot follows the nose with the fruit character but the tart lactic acid really jumps out at you. The noticeable sourness comes in quickly followed by just a touch of sweetness and a salinity that helps cut through the acid. I get notes of lemon and lime that linger into the finish and in the moments after each sip the salinity seems to stick around as well. Just a hint of coriander pops up along with the cracker-malt character which adds a layer of flavor to the beer. The beer has a prickly mouthfeel and finishes on the dry side.   

Evil Twin A Is For Apricot
BREWERY: Dorchester Brewing Co.
LOCATION: Boston, Mass.
ABV: 4.55 percent
IBU: n/a
PRICE: n/a
RELEASE DATE: April 2017
AVAILABLE IN: 12-ounce cans
Overall, I feel that A is for Apricot is a solid offering from Evil Twin. I would prefer it be just a touch less tart which would make it much more drinkable for me. As is, it is a refreshing beer and I do enjoy the stone fruit character but I could not see myself drinking more than one.
74Overall Score
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