Having officially opened for business only about two years ago by owners Trevor Rogers1 and partner Linsey Hamacher, de Garde Brewing2 has taken the craft beer world by storm.

Despite the almost overwhelming number of world class breweries that are in the state, the Tillimook, Oregon-based brewery has already begun making a name for itself by releasing a multitude of different styles of beer, including spontaneously fermented fruited berliner weisses, goses and barrel-aged wild ales. The beers are often priced on the lower end of the spectrum compared to comparable beers from other breweries and there is often no limit to many of the beers they produce.

De Garde Brewing Nelson Hose bottle

Nelson Hose is a 4 percent ABV gose3 that has been dry-hopped with Nelson sauvin hops from New Zealand and aged in oak barrels with citrus peel and coriander. It is sold exclusively in 22-ounce bottles and priced at $7 each when purchased from the brewery. de Garde also sells a brother gose,4 named simply Hose, that is the same base beer as Nelson Hose, but dry hopped with a different varietal.

The de Garde Nelson Hose pours a golden yellow with huge two finger head that dissipates slowly, leaving a nicely formed white lacing behind that remains for quite a while. Carbonation is very evident in the glass, and aroma from the glass is huge salt, coriander, lemon juice, grapefruit and oak.

De Garde Brewing Nelson Hose

The flavors in the de Garde Nelson Hose are extremely distinct and crisp on the palate and follow the nose almost exactly: tart lemon rind, salt, oak, juicy grapefruit and dank earth. The coriander is very evident, albeit relegated to the finish for the most part and the salt that is present can be tasted on both the front and the back ends. In addition, a hoppy bitterness is present in the profile, but the note is not overwhelming in any way, and it only seems to increase the complexity of the finished product. Interestingly, the mouthfeel is exceedingly creamy, almost decadent and the carbonation is strong and crisp on the palate.

de Garde Nelson Hose
BREWERY: de Garde Brewing
LOCATION: Tillimook, Ore.
ABV: 4 percent
IBU: n/a
AVAILABLE IN: 22-ounce bottles
While not what I would consider a classic gose, the de Garde Nelson Hose is amazingly well crafted with distinct flavors that are not only nicely balanced, but also work extremely well together. The balance of the salt, tart citrus and coriander is nearly perfect and the overt creamy mouthfeel is just the icing on the cake. While I still love my Westbrook Gose, this easily beats it out in terms of pure enjoyment and is a beer that is easily worth the effort to track down.
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