Cycle Brewing doesn’t exactly need an introduction, but here it goes. Cycle is a brewery out of Saint Petersburg, Fla. and has made a habit of a couple of things. One, making some of the best stouts in the world. Two, putting out beers in a series. it has weekday sets, this Trademark Dispute Set and a current set of beers releasing the week of collaboration beers.

The beers are generally stouts, barrel-aged and have all the adjuncts in them.

There is clearly something in the water in Florida because they have far too many amazing stout breweries, like. Cycle, Cigar City and J. Wakefield. Being from Texas it is slightly frustrating to watch Florida continue to open up brewery after brewery that churns out these delicious dark beers. Luckily for people like me, trading exists.

The Yellow Label Trademark beer pours black as night, slightly darker than khaki head that lingers throughout the entire drinking process. The beer looks like used oil, very silky, it hugs the sides of the glass and sticks everywhere it goes.

It smells like a typical Cycle beer, which has a unique signature smell that is very recognizable. There is a presence of sweet malts, bitter coffee, some astringent alcohol and big bourbon. I am picking up a little bit of cinnamon-spice, but it’s light. The smell is really beautiful, it comes together really nicely and Cycle really did a great job of balancing the aromas out.

There is a lot of coffee in this beer, it has an espresso flavor that starts and finishes with each sip. Cinnamon is light on the palate, barrel is there, but also not very strong either. The flavors come out more as it warms, but they blend together very nicely.

Cycle Trademark Yellow Label
BREWERY: Cycle Brewing
LOCATION: Saint Petersburg, Fla.
STYLE: Imperial Stout
ABV: n/a
IBU: n/a
PRICE: $30
RELEASE DATE: Nov. 29, 2006
AVAILABLE IN: 22-ounce bottles
Overall this was an incredibly well done stout. There was a lot going on in this beer, but no one flavor overpowered to the point of it being harsh. I am admittedly a Cycle fan, so I went into this assuming it was going to be good and it did not disappoint. This whole set to be honest was amazing, their use of barrels and adjuncts are up there with the best breweries out there. Cycle is also a brewery that recognizes the crazy hype of beers these days and I personally find it funny how it doesn't buy into it by releasing large batches and having large limits. Here’s a tip of the hat to you, Cycle, keep doing what you’re doing.
86Overall Score
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