Let’s be honest, I am a beer nerd and usually am always excited to open and talk about beer.

I have an interesting beer today I am excited to review: Morning Gringo from Cervejaria Dogma from Sao Paulo Brazil. Over the years I have had thousands of beers from America, Germany and Belgium and a few hundred more from countries like Austria, Canada, Italy, Japan and Mexico, but I have never had a beer from Brazil.

When thinking about beer from South America I would expect a Mexican-style lager or maybe an American style light lager but Morning Gringo is a Russian Imperial Stout brewed with maple and coffee. Big adjunct laden stouts scream America craft beer to me and I love seeing other countries getting in on the trend.

I crack the 16-ounce can and pour the beer into my standard Teku. Morning Gringo pours somewhere between the darkest brown and black with an SRM I would guess about 39 with a very thin halo of tiny chocolate milk-colored bubbles. A quick whiff of the beer brings beautiful roasted malts, milk chocolate, rich maple syrup and coffee. It reminds me of sitting in a doughnut shop on a Saturday morning with a cup of coffee and a maple chocolate bar. It is pretty impressive that I get virtually no alcohol on the nose given this beer is 10.8 percent ABV.

A wave of coffee is the first thing that hits the palate with my first sip followed by a blend of milk and dark chocolate. I also get a good amount of the maple flavor but not the sweetness you would associate with syrup. The beer has a sweetness but compared to the modern-day pastry stout this is much more approachable and nowhere near the cloying end of the spectrum. The alcohol arrives in the finish along with a slightly bitter finish. Roasted malts pop up in the finish as well along with the lingering bitterness. The bitter character is more akin to coffee and roasted malt bitterness than hop bitterness.

Cervejaria Dogma Morning Gringo Maple Coffee Stout
BREWERY: Cervejaria Dogma
LOCATION: Sao Paulo, Brazil
STYLE: Imperial Stout
ABV: 10.8 percent
IBU: n/a
PRICE: $9.99
AVAILABLE IN: 16 oz can (473 ml)
Overall, I really enjoyed Morning Gringo. The aroma was fantastic and the flavors were complex without being overpowering in one direction or the other. My only issue is that the bitterness in the finish was just a touch too much. I am being very nitpicky here but after this rich sweet sip, I am left with a lingering drying bitterness that doesn’t quite meld well with the rest of the experience. Also, the coffee on the finish when mixed with the bitter note comes off like older coffee grounds. Again, I really enjoyed this beer but with that one minor tweak to the finish, it would be a flat-out amazing beer. If I had access to more Morning Gringo I would pick up a six-pack tomorrow and if I ever make to Sao Paulo I will definitely be making a stop to Cervejaria Dogma. This is a delicious beer and with this being my first beer from Brazil I am impressed and am excited to try more.
82Overall Score
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