Living in Orange County I have been able to try almost every beer The Bruery has put into a bottle over the last nine years.  With the amount of new beers The Bruery puts out each year that is no small task. Not all of them have been winners,1 but overall far more hit than miss. That is also no small feet when you look at the never ending list of weird concept beers and interesting ingredients it has decided to use over that span.

Over the years I have really grown to love most of its sour offerings, but the first beer that I had from The Bruery that really blew me away was Black Tuesday. Up until that point I have had plenty of heavy stouts but nothing as intense as the close to 20 percent ABV booze bomb that put The Bruery on the beer nerd map. Even today I still get excited to open a bottle but it is a bit of a challenge unless you have several friends with you at the time.

For this reason I was thrilled when The Bruery released a smaller slightly more manageable version at 11.3 percent ABV back in 2014. My excitement eventually turned into disappointment when it was announce the bottles were infected and would not leave The Bruery. Instead, it was poured on draft for a short while and I managed to get a few glasses and it lived up to my high expectations. At that point I knew that if they added this beer to there yearly line-up I would fill my fridge with it.

The beer was again released in 2016 and I finally got my chance to stock up. I have since drank the original case I picked up but have another bottle in front of me today. The ABV has jumped up to a hefty 14.7 percent ABV and I can’t wait to crack it open on a random Monday night.

Within seconds of pouring the glass I get a massive whiff of rich boozy fudge. I raise the glass and am met with brownie batter, vanilla, booze soaked raisins and bourbon. As the glass warms the alcohol starts to come to the front, but overall a great smelling beer. As I inspect the glass I start to notice So Happens It’s Tuesday is a bit lighter than one would expect from a big barrel-aged stout. It’s very reminiscent of cola, I get a deep brown beer with hints of maroon on the edges. It is not the deep black abyss you generally get from the style. The head is also a bit bigger than one would expect as I get a solid finger of fizzy tan head.


After admiring the beer a few moments I take a sip and notice this bottle seems a bit different than the others I have had. The sweet malts are there along with some chocolate but it is masked by an unexpected harshness and a very boozy finish.  After a couple more sips I realize this bottle has some unwanted critters: an unwanted infection from wild yeast or bacteria. I continue working on the glass and the of flavors seem to intensify as the glass warms. A very noticeable tart cherry character and an unpleasant finish with a ton of drying alcohol and not much else.

The Bruery So Happens It's Tuesday
BREWERY: The Bruery
LOCATION: Placentia, Calif.
STYLE: Imperial Stout
ABV: 14.7 percent
IBU: n/a
PRICE: $20
RELEASE DATE: 2014 (Bottled Nov. 22, 2016)
AVAILABLE IN: 750ml bottle
This is disappointing considering I know how good this beer can be. I had heard their were infected bottles floating around, but until now had not had one. In the world of big style pushing craft beers it is bound to happen and this will not deter me from grabbing another bottle down the road. When I do I will now have to write up a second bottle of S.H.I.T. So Happens it's Tuesday.
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