If you ask someone who is really into craft beer about quintessential representations of particular beer styles there are a few examples that will almost universally be mentioned.

  • Pale ale: Sierra Nevada Pale Ale
  • Belgian pale ale: Orval
  • Hefeweizen: Weihenstephaner
  • Gueuze: Cantillon Classic.

When it comes to saison the textbook example is always Saison Dupont. Every time I taste a saison I mentally compare it to Saison Dupont. The flavorful yeast driven beer is a great food beer and the somehow fluffy yet crisp and dry finish makes it one of my regular go-to beers.

When I heard that Dupont was making a collaboration beer with another brewery I have the ultimate respect for in Allagash of Portland, Maine I was beyond excited. Brewers Bridge is a riff on the classic offering brewed with the traditional Dupont yeast strain but with American Cascade hops give it a unique twist.

The beer pours a pale gold with above-average clarity and a frothy white head that fills half of the glass with even a moderate pour. The nose is an effervescent blast of fruity yeast esters reminiscent pears and banana along with sweet grainy malt a bit of rye spice. The cascade hops bring a faint citrus note but the yeast is the star of the show.


The first sip is straight-up classic saison. Expressive yeast character with a noticeable spicy peppery kick and grainy light malts. The mouthfeel is somehow prickly and fluffy soft at the same time and the finish is a blend of earthy grassy hops, black pepper and a dry bitterness.

Brasserie Dupont / Allagash Brewers Bridge
BREWERY: Brasserie Dupont & Allagash Brewing Co.
LOCATION: Tourpes, Belgium
STYLE: Saison
ABV: 6.1 percent ABV
IBU: Unknown
PRICE: $3.50 (330ml bottles)
RELEASE DATE: Spring 2019
AVAILABLE IN: 330ml bottles, 750ml bottles
Overall, this is a fantastic well-made beer that I will continue to buy until it starts disappearing from local shelves. It has been a few months since I have had the classic Saison Dupont but from memory, this doesn’t seem too far of a variation. The fact that it was made with the very distinct Dupont yeast strain at the brewery in Belgium with what appears to be only the Cascade hops differentiating it from the original I am not that surprised it isn’t far from the classic offering. Don’t get me wrong that is not a bad thing but I love Allagash so I may just have to blend in a small amount of an Allagash wild beer to see what happens.
81Overall Score
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