Braindead Brewing opened up just laster year in the neighborhood of Deep Ellum in Dallas. It is a brewpub and take pride in both its food and its beer and while it is young in the brew game, Braindead has already begun pushing things to the next level by introducing some barrel-aged beers while still in the infancy of growing its brewery.

Braindead Hammer of The Gods

Hammer of The Gods was one of the two first barrel-aged beers that Braindead has ever produced in a bottle. It was released along with Red Wine Barrel Wiere Gardes. Braindead packaged both beers in 750ml bottles and were originally released at the brewery on November 21, 2015. The beer is an imperial wheat porter aged in Woodford and Stanahan barrels that clocks in at 11 percent and was available on draft and bottles.

The beer pours a very dark rich color bordering on dark brown and black. There is very little carbonation with the head consisting of very large dark brown bubbles. All of the head has disappears except for a ring around the outside of the glass where it hugs the side throughout the whole time drinking.

The nose on this beer is really great, I would almost swear there were adjuncts in it. I am smelling whiskey, oak, vanilla, caramel, dark chocolate and loads of coffee. Secondarily I am picking up some smoke and dark fruits like dates.

Braindead Hammer of The Gods

Flavor-wise I initially get a really big punch of dark and bitter roastiness that is followed by semi-sweet chocolate, bourbon and caramel sweetness. After the sweetness fades I get another shot of bitterness, but like it’s coming from coffee. A really pleasant finish to the beer. Other than the flavors mentioned I can taste some smokiness and some earthiness as well.


Braindead Hammer of The Gods
BREWERY: Braindead Brewing
LOCATION: Dallas, Texas
STYLE: Porter
ABV: 11 percent
IBU: 65
PRICE: $20
RELEASE DATE: Nov. 21, 2015
AVAILABLE IN: 750ml bottles
Overall this beer impressed me, it delivered on every aspect, from its look, smell and taste it was really solid overall. I would say mine and many others only beef could be the price. There are a lot of barrel-aged beers out there as good or better that are selling for half the price, ideally if Braindead were to release it again it would find a way for it to be more in line with similar beers of that caliber on pricing. This is a great beer though and one I would have no issue in recommending someone to try. The flavors of the barrels really shine through and the base beer gets out of the way to let the magic of barrel aging do its thing. If you come across this I would recommend giving it a whirl.
83Overall Score
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