Most of the reviews I write are beers that I would open with friends or save for a special occasion. Many of them are delicious but coming home after work on a Tuesday I am not going to crack open a 75 ml sour, an adjunct laden barrel-aged stout or a massively cloying barley wine. A solid pilsner is usually what ends up in my glass on a day-to-day basis.

When it comes time to pour my post-work pilsner I have become pretty particular in my ritual which begins with proper glassware. A good pilsner glass is a must for any pantry. The tall slender glass is not only beautiful to look at it really helps the delicate flavors and aromas pop out of the glass. Secondly, proper pour is essential. Slow pouring a pilsner can take some time but it is worth it once you are done. By pouring the beer down the middle of the glass you will build a head that takes up a large portion of the glass when you start. Waiting until head dissipates you will then pour the rest of the beer once again down the middle of the glass. This releases a lot of the carbonation from suspension and makes the delicious pilsner even easier to drink and will give you a beautiful pillowy head.

When it comes to filling said glassware, picking up a crowler form a local brewery is a common move for me but my absolute go-to beer is hands down Bitburger pilsner. The Bitburger of Bitburg, Germany has been brewing for over 200 years and has become one of the most recognizable beers in Germany and I can get a four-pack at my local grocery store for about $5. That is too good of a deal to pass up.

The beer pours a beautiful crystal-clear bright gold with a meringue-like head that sticks around for the majority of the glass. The aroma is classic pilsner malt reminiscent of a lightly toasted cracker with a hint of honey. The hops bring a grassy herbal note to the aroma which plays well with the delicate aroma from the malt. Even after the deliberate pour the lively carbonation is the first thing I notice as I sip along with a sweet grainy malt. There are no signs of DMS, diacetyl or any off flavors and the carbonation scrubs the mild sweetness away leaving a welcome bitterness that lingers slightly. I get more of the earthy hops in the finish which help round out this very easy drinking beer.

Bitburger Pilsner
BREWERY: Bitburger Brauerei
LOCATION: Bitburg, Germany
STYLE: German PIlsner
ABV: 4.8 percent
IBU: 33
PRICE: $1.25
AVAILABLE IN: 500ml cans; 12-ounce bottles
There has been an industry trend shifting back towards lagers and pilsners and I am all for it. Bitburger is a simple very well-made beer that I never get tired of. When you combine this with the fact that it is so readily available and affordable it is a can’t miss beer. Bitburger is also the beer that I bring to parties to pass out to the macro drinking crowd and it is generally as well received by that bunch as it is the seasoned beer nerd crowd.  Unlike many of today's craft beers, Bitburger is a beer that I can enjoy several pints of in a sitting and enjoy the final pour as much as the first.
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