Founded in Pescara, Italy in 1922 by Jurij Ferri, Birra Almond ’22 is a microbrewery that specializes in producing unpasteurized and unfiltered beer that is brewed with local ingredients including spices, raw cane sugar, honey and spring water that comes from the the mountains near the town of Farindola.

Birra Almond ’22 Farrotta bottle

The brewery itself is housed in a building that dates back to the late 19th century, and has been used by women peeling almonds to produce confetti di Salmon, or sugared almonds, which is where the name of the brewery itself came from.

First released in 2006, Farrotta is an ale brewed with is brewed with organic spelt as well as Acacia almond honey sourced from beekeepers in the mountains of Abruzzo. The 5.8 percent ABV ale is packaged in both 375ml and 750ml bottles and is a year-round offering from the brewery.

Visually, the Farrotta pours a hazy golden hue and features a finger of off white head that quickly dissipates, leaving the faintest hint of a lacing behind. Despite that fact, there does seem to be quit a bit of carbonation visible, and aroma emanating from the glass is a combination of strong grains, lemongrass, oak, creamy almonds, yeast and mild honey sweetness.

Birra Almond ’22 Farrotta

The first sip of the Farrotta brings flavors that are almost identical to the scents that were I noticed: hay, grains, lemongrass citrus, almonds, yeast and malts. The honey sweetness is definitely present, but it is mostly relegated to the finish, while the palate is inundated with the yeast and grain notes from the spelt. I do notice some white pepper in the profile every once in a while as well, but it is never a strong note, and has disappeared before I am halfway finished with the beer. The mouthfeel is exceedingly creamy, and while the carbonation was nothing to notice when I poured the beer, the levels during the actual drinking of the ale were well within normal limits.

Birra Almond ’22 Farrotta
BREWERY: Birra Almond ’22
LOCATION: Pescara, Italy
ABV: 5.8 percent
IBU: n/a
PRICE: $10.99
AVAILABLE IN: 375ml & 750ml bottles
While I enjoyed the Birra Almond ’22 Farrotta, the profile was a bit unbalanced and never came close to being what I would consider a complex beer. In fact, while the honey sweetness on the finish and the grain notes on the palate were refreshing, the almost shockingly creamy mouthfeel was the real star of the show, almost to the point where I would drink it again for that attribute alone. In the end, the Farrotta was almost exactly what would be expected when reading the ingredients list: enjoyable and refreshing, but ultimately not impressive enough to stock up on.
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