Baird Brewing was started by Brian and Sauri Baird, who attended brewing school together in California. They opened the Numazu Fishmarket in 2000 and then in 2001 they became the smallest licensed brewery in Japan. Their Kurofune Porter is part of the year-round offerings along with 11 other brews. They also have seasonal offerings organized into the four different seasons.

Baird Kurofune Porter bottle

Kurofune Porter pours dark brown like a cup of strong coffee. An aggressive pour yielded only a finger of khaki head that disappeared quickly and left only a thin tan line that wraps around the edge of the glass.

I get aromas of molasses, leather and chewing tobacco. It is sweet, earthy and has hints of cocoa, also some mild astringent alcohol. It is a very traditional smelling porter, but the aromas seem more pronounced in a good way.

Baird Kurofune Porter

The flavor is really nice and mild; the first sip hit me with an unexpected flavor of vanilla. I am also picking up raisins, chewing tobacco, sweetness, very light roastiness and it leaves your mouth a little dry like coffee. It feels thin in the mouth, I know it’s a porter, but it’s light on the tongue and the flavor leaves very quickly.

Baird Kurofune Porter
BREWERY: Baird Brewing Co.
LOCATION: Tokyo, Japan
STYLE: Porter
ABV: 6 percent
IBU: 35
PRICE: $3.79
AVAILABLE IN: 12-ounce bottles
Let me be honest with y’all, I came into this with very low expectations, a run of the mill porter from a brewery in Tokyo didn’t exactly have me jacked up to enter it into Untappd, but alas, this is a really solid beer from what I would consider a very small and essentially unknown brewery. It drinks very easy; it’s sweet, not overly bitter and has some really nice subtle nuances like the vanilla and raisin flavors. The beer is silky smooth but errs on the thin side of mouth feel, overall a solid effort and something I would recommend checking out.
77Overall Score
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