Aldebert’s is located in Austin, Texas and was founded by Scott Hovey. Hovey was a long-time home brewer who turned his hobby into a career after sampling aged Belgian beers at the Craft Brewer’s Conference. The brewery prides itself in using quality ingredients and advertises that it uses non-GMO Bohemian malt and fresh yeast that is propagated in house.

Aldebert's Hibiscus Saison

The brewery has what it calls the Whimsical Series, which while it sounds very… well whimsical; it is just a fancy way of saying rotating special release. Adelbert’s only has two beers listed—this one, the Hibiscus Saison which was first released July 2015, and the second was Wild Pale Ale, which was released in October of 2015.

The Hibiscus Saison was brewed with hibiscus flowers, dry hopped with Citra and the saison base is tart. The color turned out to be a bright pink and inspired the brewery to donate a portion of the sales to the Breast Cancer Resource Center of Texas.

This particular bottle has been chilling for several months, but after opening it the cork came off with a loud “pop” and when poured it sounds like Rice Krispies. There are around three to four fingers of extremely light pink head. It lingers for at least 30 minutes if not more and even after 10-15 minutes I can still here a lot of bubbles popping. The color on it is great, a bright and deep pink with that lingering head sitting atop it.

Aldebert's Hibiscus Saison

The smell on this beer is like sweet herbal tea with a sour and tart backbone. I can pick up the hibiscus and what smells like lemon or some other citrus; I think it’s partly due to the hops because there is some bitterness on the end.

The taste comes out about the same as the smell and I pick up tart, lemon, sour at the beginning before it gives way to sweetness, malt and the herby hibiscus. The endnote has some hop bitterness but I think a lot of it hop character has probably faded by now.

Aldebert's Hibiscus Saison
BREWERY: Albert's Brewery
LOCATION: Austin, Texas
STYLE: Saison
ABV: 5.6 percent
IBU: n/a
PRICE: $9.99
AVAILABLE IN: 750ml bottles
Overall, this is a pretty solid little beer. It without a doubt surpassed my expectations, I haven’t had a whole lot of other beers from Aldebert’s, but from what I’ve had nothing really caught my attention. The Hibiscus Saison though is a really nice effort, the base is tart and there is a good balance in the beer. This isn’t a beer that’s going to blow your mind, but it certainly isn’t something you’ll be disappointed in. Let’s go over the good and the bad, the good; it was well balanced, it has a great color, the base is solid. The bad; it was over carbonated, it tickled my tongue like champagne bubbles, this detracted from the overall flavor because it was popping on my tongue like pop rocks. It could have used a stronger presence of the hibiscus and the hops, which could be due to the cellaring. The beer is a solid effort and I am looking forward to trying other releases from this brewery in the future.
74Overall Score
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